A Chinese Legend. A British Secret. Star-Crossed Lovers with Incompatible Magic.
Brixton Flew works as a professor of wielder instruction at Rembrandt Academy, hoping to erase the regrets of his youth along with the resulting debt. But when he comes face to face with his biggest regret—the woman who broke his heart, Adelaide Favan—Brixton soon realizes his troubles have only begun.
Unable to control her magic, Adelaide knew leaving Brixton was the only way to protect him when they were younger. Now she discovers he is the key to recovering the Dragon Eyes, a legendary treasure connected to her magic and her family’s disgraced legacy—and she knows the risk is great, to both his life and her heart.
With others seeking the power of the Dragon Eyes, Brixton and Adelaide must outwit their foes and face down their families to save London from an ancient legend that sleeps beneath the magic portal in their city.
But the renewed passion growing between them may prove to be the greater peril …
One Flew Through the Dragon Heart is the first book in a new steampunk series by C.S. Johnson, blending together history, romance, mecha-dragons and magic against the glittering backdrop of 1880’s Victorian London.
The door creaked open with the same welcoming familiarity it always had as Brixton stepped inside. He took off his greatcoat, and at once, the small townhouse seemed to reach out with its own essence, bathing him in the scent of oranges and animals, flooding him with the sensation of a million memories. He breathed it in and reveled in it. Deep down, nothing in the world could dislodge his home from his heart—not the Board at Rembrandt, not the government, not even all his secret hopes and dreams—and there was unspeakable comfort in knowing that.
“We’re in the kitchen, Brix. Come on in. I’ve just finished pulling out a rack of biscuits.”
Brixton sighed, both in exasperation and gratitude. His mother was never surprised when he arrived, no matter the hour. He used to wonder if she had a spy in her service, but he knew now, having his own talent for magic, that she was able to sense emotions. Her talent made her one of the most accomplished veterinarians in London.
That was also why the house always smelled of all sorts of creatures. Philippa Flew often brought her work home with her, and today, Brixton saw as he walked into the next room, was no exception.
“Who does that belong to?” he asked, gesturing toward the large peacock sitting on the table.
The large fan of its tail sprouted at his voice, making him jump back as the hundreds of colorful feathers unfolded before him.
The peacock squawked, clearly sore at the disruption.
Luella’s laughter rang through the room as Brixton recovered. He glanced through the feather-fan of exotic bird feathers to see Luella’s blonde curls bouncing as she walked around from the other side of the table. 
“It’s Mrs. Fordyce’s,” Luella said. “He has a broken leg, so Mum brought him home for me to help take care of.”
“Why do you need to help him if it’s just a broken leg?” Brixton rolled his eyes. “It seems silly for you to have to use your magic on him.”
“Come on. Don’t be so stuffy.” 
“I’m just concerned. You really ought to be more careful when you use your magic.” Brixton sat down on the chair at the far end of the table. “If you’re not, the mage-ragers will realize you have plenty of talent, too, and they’ll come running to sign you up to work at Rembrandt along with me.”
“Oh, Brix. It sounds like you had another hard day. I thought as much when you came in.” Philippa sighed. Her hair, a shade darker than Brixton’s and lined with wispy grays, snapped behind her in a braid as she hurried to press a loving kiss to her oldest child’s forehead.
Brixton might have waved her off when he had been younger, but now he welcomed his mother’s affections. He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek in return as Luella giggled again.
“I would not mind going to Rembrandt, but don’t think they would want me to teach the newbies just yet,” Luella said, jutting her pointed chin forward proudly. “I’m only fifteen.”
“You know as well as I do that some magic comes in early.”
Many of the first wielders experienced it as a secondary trait, one that appeared toward the beginning of adulthood. As Mendel and Darwin’s theories speculated, magic moved down through the bloodlines, and as the talents were able to be recognized earlier, it became generally accepted that most magic began to appear during adolescence.
But there were still the occasional stories of talented children who knew of their magic long before it appeared, and Brixton knew that a great many of those stories were true.
After all, he had been best friends with one of the most powerful wielders London had ever seen.
“There’s no need to brag,” Luella said with a huff. “We all know that you were a prodigy right from birth. The rest of us will bow down to you one day, I’m sure, but in the meantime, the requirements for specialized magical instruction start at sixteen. Even you didn’t have to go until then.”
“I was actually thinking of—”
Brixton went silent as his chest tightened, his heart clenched, and his fingers shook.
He had only just barely stopped himself.
He had come so close to saying her name.
It was appalling to think after nearly four years he still thought of her—thought of her, dreamed of her, but never spoke of her.
How could he? Remembering her was like lighting himself on fire and forgetting how much it burned.
         Author Links:

Story Excerpt: Ella with Amir (mentor1):
“You are young yet, but even you know there are things worth dying for.” 
“Dying for something is different than killing for something,” I said slowly. 
“The first time I killed a man, I did it to protect your mother.” Amir tried to give me a small smile. “I considered that a matter of deep honor and love, even though it was gruesome. But that is another story, of course.”    
Amir slipped into silence. I reached over and patted his hand, covering his scar with my hand. 
“I’m so sorry,” I whispered.
“Do not be sorry for me. I ask that you do not judge my family. I have known deeper betrayals than theirs, but it is good of me to forgive them.”
“Who could betray you more than family?” 
Amir’s lips twitched into a wry smirk. “Those who would become family, of course.”
I wondered if he was talking about my mother, but he shook his head before I could ask. “Forgive my grievances, Eleanora. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do, to first leave my family, and then forgive them. In spite of the pain between us, I still love them, and there are many values we still share. There is much good we can affirm.” 
“You are a better person than me. It is too easy to hate people.” I thought of Cecilia, and how she had treated both me and Ben over the years. As cruel as it was, it was nothing compared to Amir’s sorrow. I clenched my fist, struggling not to hate Amir’s family for him. “I’m sorry I asked you about it.” 
“It is better to remember,” Amir said. He turned his hand over and patted my hand gently, the same way my father used to. “We must remember, too, that blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. And we can only mourn properly when we remember the depths of our losses.” 
At his own words, I thought of my own faith, and how much it was a cornerstone of my own life. I had been born into it, but Amir had given up his entire childhood and his family to gain it. I silently prayed for his comfort, but I already felt like he had been further cheated with the loss of my mother. 
As if he knew what I was thinking, Amir said, “It is much better for me to remember Naděžda than forget her, too.” 
It was hard to speak at the sudden lump in my throat. “I wish she was still with us.” 
“She is,” Amir replied. “She is here, even if she is not. We will see her again one day, Eleanora. Some people say that religion only causes pain, but there is much pain tied to goodness. If all truth is God’s truth, then all goodness is his, too.” 
When we first met, I had envied Amir’s time with my mother. Now, as we stood there, having lost so much, I wondered if I had been strangely spared from missing her even more than I already did. I clung to Amir’s certainty that he would see her again, with the further hope I would, too.
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Book Tour Grand Finale for
Three Months to Change
By Dinah Roseberry
We hope you enjoyed the tour! If you missed any of the stops
you can see snippets, as well as the link to each full post, below:
Launch – Interview with the Author

What is your motivation behind Three Months to Change? Why did you want to write it?
Whenever I write, the idea is just there—from nowhere. I wake one morning and the idea is in my brain and the story begins to develop. I think about it at every open moment—or rather it must be thinking about me because my characters begin to talk and come alive. This is somewhat frustrating because I can never get it down on paper (computer) in time to keep the original flow. Still, I begin because all of it is beginning without me if I don’t! Three Months to Change was the same and my heroine is still bouncing around in my head!

Mythical Books – Guest Post

A Paranormal Mystery in Three Months to Change

Something that came to me very easily (for the most part!) when I wrote my newest and “bestest” novel, Three Months to Change is that having a background in ghost hunting and other paranormal concepts, those pieces fell easily into place and made sense in the book. The reality of it mixed so well with the fiction, that no one questioned the premise…

Declarations of a Fangirl – Guest Post

An Interview with Three Months to Change Cover Model Angela Tallent

I was very lucky finding just the right model for the cover of Three Months to Change. My actress/model daughter became my alter-ego as I moved through my writing process. I’d see one of her photo shoots and had fallen in love with a few of the images. I decided to ask her to be my cover and to answer some questions!…

Locks, Hooks and Books – Review

“I loved Lenora’s story. This is the perfect time of the year to read this type of book. It has all things spooky that I love to read. I had to keep reading to find out where Lenora would go next. “

Colorimetry – Excerpt

Now he was looking around the room uncomfortably, his gaze falling on the wooden door to her basement.

“What?” she asked, trying to jar his thought.

“Is that your basement?” he asked, seemingly trying to be casual.

“Yup,” she said, and then raised her eyebrows. “Why?”

“You should probably leave the door closed from now on.” His voice was flat and he kept looking at the door.

“Why?” Lenora asked with a frown.

Rockin’ Book Reviews – Spotlight

Reading On The Edge – Excerpt

Lenora was standing in front of the pulsing door and she could feel her own energy skin pulsing right along with the door. It caused her brain to pulse as well, and it was so loud she thought she’d run screaming any moment. But at that last second she felt Frankie at her elbow and she glanced over at him.

“I’m here,” he whispered.

Bri’s Book Nook – Excerpt

She had no clue why she was allowing Rex to drive her back to that house of horrors. One hand clutched the door handle of his sports car, her white knuckles trying to pull her thoughts from the sharp twists of the road. She wished Frankie was with her. He’d offered before and she’d declined. This time she would have welcomed his rational thinking.

Andi’s Book Reviews – Excerpt

The sounds went on for a time, and then there was silence. She stayed put for the better part of an hour, though it seemed longer. “I can’t stay here,” she whispered out loud. “Whatever is going on down there, I need to find Rex and get out.” She knew this was not a good idea. Rex would not have warned her to stay behind the door if there were no dangers to consider.

Coffee, Books and Cakes – Guest Post

Three Months to Change and the Fabulous Writing Light Beings!

I’ve been writing fiction for as long as I can remember—some of it good and some of it (especially when I was learning the ropes) not so much. It was around 2006, however, that I realized that while I was writing a nonfiction ghost book, my words were coming from a source outside myself…

Wishful Endings – Excerpt

Frankie smiled, melting her heart. He said inside her mind, Don’t worry. I’ll be right there. You just have to look around the room to see me.

Lenora cleared her throat and stretched her arms. Turning to Rex, she said, “I’m ready.”

Nicole’s Book Musings – Guest Post

Working on the Audio for Three Months to Change!

I do quite a bit of short audio work for my other paranormal work (, and it’s something I love doing. It brings a whole new perspective (my personal perspective) to the work. So when my publisher, Visionary Living, owned by famed paranormal author and researcher Rosemary Ellen Guiley, said that I could do the reading for the audio book of Three Months to Change, I was ecstatic! I (and she) think that the author of the book is the best person to do its reading, especially in fiction, because we are the ones who know the characters so intimately and the story so well. I found, though, that I had my job cut out for me when I took on this lengthy audio book…

Harlie’s Books – Spotlight
Don’t forget to enter the giveaway below, if you haven’t already…

Three Months to Change

By Dinah Roseberry

Paranormal Romance
Paperback & ebook, 208 Pages
September 26th 2018 by Visionary Living, Inc.
Lenora was changing…not in any frightening way. At least, not at first. There was the intense ability to shield herself from abuse that was very empowering. But her other senses had become heightened as well, and that’s when she’d begun seeing scenes from the past, and smoky mists inside her home.
Meeting Frankie in the midst of all this had been a wonderful treat—there weren’t many men who could stir her emotions as he was prone to do. Still, there was something strange about him, something she couldn’t put her finger on. Ah, well, desirable men with the air of mystery were compelling and fun. Weren’t they?
And what about Rex? She wasn’t sure. He was part of a fearsome family, making her wonder if such tales of werewolves and monsters were true. Just how did she fit in? And why would she even want to?
All she kept hearing, however, was that there were only a precious three months before a full change. Time was awastin’.
GoodreadsAmazonBarnes & NobleKobo
About the Author
Dinah Roseberry has been an author of both nonfiction and fiction in the paranormal field for over thirty years. She is a paranormal investigator, certified hypnotist for past-life regression and alien abduction, and has studied and taught animal communications. A Tarot card and oracle reader for over twenty years, she has also created card decks and guidebooks that reflect her paranormal and mind/ body/spirit interests. Visit her website for more information about her titles and events:
Other paranormal nonfiction titles by Dinah Roseberry
Ghosts of Valley Forge and Phoenixville
Cape May Haunts: Elaine’s Haunted Mansion and Other Eerie Beach Tales
Spooky York, Pennsylvania
Spooky Creepy Baltimore County
The Ghost Hunters’ Tool Kit
Psychic Pets: Solving Paranormal Mysteries
Animals Impacting the World
First Light Tarot
Ufo & Alien Management: A Guide to Discovering, Evaluating, and Directing Sightings, Abductions, and Contactee Experiences
Tour Giveaway

1 winner will receive a $20 Amazon eGift Card, a Three Months to Change tote, and a Three Months to Change mug
US only
Ends October 31, 2018

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Welcome to Realm Explorers!  In this weekly series, we visit a variety of unique worlds created by talented science fiction and fantasy authors.  Enjoy your travels!  And don’t forget to read to the bottom of the post to find out more about each author and see how to purchase the featured book. 

 Author’s name:

Courtenay Kasper
Title of book and/or series:
West & Windy
Brief summary of the story:
Fox siblings West and Windy are on the run from Bruin King Rancid who will stop at nothing to capture them and strong-arm them out of their kingdom. With the help of their rabbit aunt Dandelion and her heliox-balloon airship, they must learn to work together to rescue the true king and queen. With an unforgettable crew of insane critters, monkey pirates, and ninja bats! This steampunk adventure is perfect for fans of Narnia and Redwall! Hold your breath! You are in for a wild ride!
Brief description of the world or location you created for this story:
West & Windy live in Redwood which is a continent in the world of Forestia. Redwood has many different climates and landforms: the obsidian cliffs of Castle Rock, the frigid mountain town of Wildmont with its impassable weather patterns, and the underground city of Blue Lake.
If we were to visit Redwood as tourists, what would you recommend that we see or do there?
The first thing I would do is climb aboard the Emerald Falcon airship, fire up the heliox jets and float my way to Blue Lake. Under the lake there is a massive glass dome which lets the most mesmerizing dancing blue light into the city. Then I would head for the southern islands, kick back in a hammock, and eat mangos all day in the sun with the monkey pirates.
What dangers should we avoid in Redwood?
I wouldn’t recommend spending your coppers on a trip to Bruin City, unless you are a bear. Those bears hate everyone! I would also suggest avoiding the storm fields near Wildmont. The air currents drop and raise again almost instantly, which is not a great combination if you get airsick at all!
Is there a distinct or unusual type of food or meal that we might be served in Redwood?
The cuisine varies depending on the location and species. The Northern Patrol favors hunks of fish and ginger water, while the Bruins are fond of sour honey or anything with gravy. The lower woodland is home to more herbivores, so they prefer things like roasted turnip with a garlic scape salad.
What types of weaponry or fighting styles are common in Redwood?
The gearbow is standard issue in the Bruin Army. It’s similar to a cross bow, but it launches gearblades from a chain track. Each gearblade is between 6 and 10 inches and the “teeth” of the blades are sharper than a razors edge. Bounty hunting mutts prefer to carry brass knuckles that resemble smaller half-gearblades, but they often carry a gearbow too.
Wally the beaver invented his own oversized gearbow that shoots bear traps and he calls it the “kaboom!”
What types of vehicles, animals, technology, etc. are used to travel in or to Redwood?
Although air travel is forbidden, Dandelion pilots a hexprop hot air balloon ship. The triple pods in each haversack are filled with a blend of hot air and heliox to give them lift. The swan wing base of the ship is styled after a seaworthy galleon, but with a whale-shaped tail.
The Wildmont critters get around on snow machines called snowmeichs which are steam powered and have a series of rapidly spinning duck-like feet which kick up snow and propel the machine through the deepest of snow.
Is there any advanced or unusual technology in Redwood?  If you haven’t described it already, please give some examples.
A great example of unusual technology is the architecture under Blue Lake. The critters there discovered new ways to build under the lake and use glass to hold the water up above the city. The lake is shallow, so they are able to use the diffused glow of sunlight through the waves to light the entire city.
Tell us about any sports, games, or activities that are available for entertainment in Redwood.
The children of Redwood attend Gear School which used to have fun activities in between classes. Before the Bruins came to power, Gear School included classes on flying, aerodynamics, mechanical construction, and hydraulic propulsion, but now they are only able to take classes on tinkering or heliox mining. 
Are the days of the week and months of the year the same in Redwood as on Earth? What holidays or special events are celebrated regularly there?
The favorite yearly celebration is the Harvest Feast at Castle Rock – a week-long celebration – complete with dancing, aerial flight competitions, mechanical invention awards and, of course, feasting like a boar (They don’t love that stereotype…). There hasn’t been a harvest feast since the Bruins came to power.
Is there a particular religion practiced in Redwood?  Please describe what it involves.
The majority of the Redwood worships the Creator and his son Yeshu – a religion of mercy, hope, love and second chances. The ninja bats of Devlin Island practice ancient martial arts and worship the fickle moon and stars. They believe that they die and go to their ‘fathers in the sky’.
What is the political or government structure in Redwood?  Who is in charge there at the moment, and what kind of leader is he/she?
The current government in Redwood is the totalitarian dictatorship of King Rancid. He is a cunning, power-hungry dictator and the edge of madness. Previous to the Bruin rule, the elder King Rhodes ruled a monarchy.
Has anything in your actual life inspired the locations, cultures, etc. in your book?
I live in northern B.C. where the winters are long and cold. The town of Wildmont reminds me of being at our little cabin in the woods, trying to keep the stove roaring enough to fight off the winter chill.
What, if any, “hot-button” or controversial topics do you touch on in your book?
West & Windy are being raised by their mother’s best friend after their parents kidnapping. She has to choose to trust her ex-husband again and she struggles with that. McFurrgle the bobcat is a recovering brawler who struggles with anger issues and shame.
Author Autobiography:
Courtenay Kasper is a New York Time Bestselling book reader. She lives in “the middle of nowhere” British Columbia with her husband and four fantastic kiddos. She has always been a teller of tall-tales and won her first writing contest at age eight. She loves to write stories that reflect the character of God and inspire the wonder and imagination inherent in all of us.
Where, and in what formats, can we purchase your book(s)?  Please include links.
My books are available on Amazon
The Rigs (2016)
West & Windy is available for preorder (Launching November 8th, 2018)
Where can readers connect with you online? 

The best place to connect with me is on my author page on Facebook. You can also find me on my blog and Goodreads. Or if you are headed for Alaska, stop in for coffee!
I hope you all enjoyed the trip to Redwood.  Questions about the world or the book?  Ask them in the comments and the author will get back to you!  

Click here to read other posts in the Realm Explorers series.

Please join us again next Monday for a trip to another world in next week’s edition of Realm Explorers!
-Annie Douglass Lima
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Book Tour Grand Finale for
NY Doc Under the Northern Lights
By Amy Ruttan
We hope you enjoyed the tour! If you missed any of the stops
you can see snippets, as well as the link to each full post, below:
Launch – Note from the Author

I knew for my twentieth novel I had to write something fun and special. And what is more fun than a fish out of water story? One of my favourite romantic comedies is The Proposal, which is a definite fish out of water. City girl in Alaska. And I also am obsessed with the north and that’s how NY Doc Under the Northern Lights came about…
Thoughts of a Blonde – Excerpt
Dr. Sturlusson didn’t seem the type to leave her high and dry, but perhaps something unavoidable had happened and he hadn’t been able to contact her.

She should’ve told him not to bother picking her up and she should’ve gone with the car-rental plan in the first place.

Betty glanced up at the signs overhead, trying to figure out where to go to rent a car when she saw something move out of the corner of her eye.

She looked over her shoulder and her mouth hung open a little as an over-six-foot Viking of a man came marching toward her. Quickly.
Andi’s Book Reviews – Review
“…a fun twist on an old storyline that has all kinds of unique elements to keep the pages turning. I needed something easy and uplifting the weekend that I read it. And how can you beat spending time together under the famed Northern Lights?”
My Life Loves and Passion – Excerpt
“Dr. Jacinth?” he asked, almost in disbelief, his voice deep and rumbling.

“Yes. And who might you be?”

“Dr. Sturlusson,” he snapped back in annoyance. “I thought that would be obvious.”

“No, it’s not obvious. I’ve seen Dr. Sturlusson and he’s at least seventy. Are you telling me you’re seventy?”

He rolled his eyes. “You mean my father. I am Dr. Axel Sturlusson, his son.”
Declarations of a Fangirl – Guest Post
Northern Lights—FUN FACTS!!
So, I’m obsessed with the Northern Lights. The first time I saw them I was about 13 years old and even though I knew that the northern lights existed, I still didn’t know what I was looking at when I saw them…
Hearts & Scribbles – Excerpt
“Fine,” she said. “Lead the way.”

He looked down at her shoes. “You do know this is Iceland in winter?”

“I’m aware.”

“You’re wearing ridiculous heels.”

She glanced down at her boots. “They’re boots.”

“It’s icy outside,” he stated gruffly.

“Oh, I’m surprised to hear that a place called Iceland is icy,” she snapped back. She was too tired to be bandying words about with a gigantic behemoth of a Viking in the middle of the airport.
Books to Light Your Fire – Guest Post
An Interview with Dr. Axel Sturlusson
I’ve decided to poke and prod the hero of NY Doc Under the Northern Lights with an interview of sorts and he’s agreed, as long as I make it quick and he can get back to work.
*Axel walks in, arms crossed over his deep blue sweater, looking slightly annoyed*…
Jorie Loves A Story – Review
“The beauty of the novel is how it is a lesson in self-care, in the time we all need to heal and in the joyfulness of the unexpected. Ruttan pulls you into the lives of two surgeouns who are each on the footsteps of re-finding themselves after their lives fractured. . . . As you move forward with them, your treated to a beautiful back-story of a family in crisis, a teenager who has a sharp wit and wisdom ahead of her years and the allure of Iceland itself. You won’t want to exit this story until you find out what romanced a New York City doctor to become enchanted underneath the Northern Lights!”
E-Romance News – Guest Post
An Interview with Dr. Betty Jacinth.
Betty comes into the room. She’s bubbly and happy. She’s also visibly pregnant.
Thanks for letting me interview you today! I have to say Axel wasn’t amiable as you are…
Harlie’s Books – Review
“The romance in the book is a slow burn and very subtle. Both Axel and Betty have battle scars that needed to heal before they could truly be together. . . . You just have to read the book to find out what I’m talking about.”
Locks, Hooks and Books – Excerpt
Axel held out his arm, gesturing in the direction to the terminal doors, and she followed him, pulling her suitcase behind her. She was very aware of the sound of her heels against the airport floor, but she wasn’t going to back down to Axel Sturlusson. She hadn’t got where she was as a surgeon by backing down. She’d learned how to stand her ground.

Except when it came to Thomas. She’d let Thomas walk all over her and she hated herself for that.
Colorimetry – Excerpt
And her heart skipped a beat. It was as if those eyes had pierced her very soul. It was unsettling how much the intensity of his gaze affected her.

“I told you those were ridiculous boots. I knew that you were going to slip,” he grumbled as he set her upright.

“I didn’t see the ice,” she said, but she still clung to him.

“Well, you’re going to kill yourself walking around in those.”
Candrel’s Crafts, Cooks, and Characters – Author Interview
What was the inspiration behind this book?
I really wanted to set a book in a different location and I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland. It also gave me an excuse to add my favourite thing to the story, which is the northern lights. I love the northern lights and have been privileged to see them countless times, including one special one where they were right above me and I was standing under them. I also love writing and reading fish out of water stories. It was fun to plop Betty down in the middle of Reykjavik and have to deal with my brooding, alpha hero.
Book Lover in Florida – Guest Post
Playlists. I listen to music and I am very thankful for my Apple Music subscription. Every book I listen to a set playlist and I thought I would share some of my favourite songs that were on repeat when I was writing my 20th book NY DOC UNDER THE NORTHERN LIGHTS.
Jorie Loves A Story – Author Interview
1) What initially attracted you to write Medical Romances and what did you hope to focus on as you worked on new stories for the Harlequin imprint as it looks like you’ve had a lovely career writing for them?
I always wanted to write for Harlequin. I loved category romances and when I was actively pursuing writing for them I noticed that Harlequin Medicals was holding a Fast Track. A way to get your partial in front of an editor instead of waiting in the slush pile. I thought, why not? I love Grey’s Anatomy. I am a super fan of that show. So I thought, I can try my hand at it. I mean, you don’t know unless you try right? I wasn’t expecting much. I set my story in Nunavut (which is a territory in Canada up in the arctic) and I had a request for a revised partial. That turned into a request for a full. I had a few rounds of revisions and then I finally got an email asking for my phone number and when was it a good time to call? The rest was history. I love writing about surgeons. I love their intensity and drive.
Wishful Endings – Excerpt
“Treat you like what? I got you to the vehicle safely. This way you won’t be laid up with a broken ankle during your first month of work in Reykjavik. My father would not be happy if I let harm come to you.” He motioned for her to slide her legs into the foot well so he could shut the door.

Fuming, Betty begrudgingly did as he asked, her eyes tracking him as he climbed into the driver’s side and buckled in. He glanced at her.
Becky on Books – Review
“A sweet romance–this was actually my first medical romance, and it served as a nice intro to the genre! . . . an entertaining read.”
Nicole’s Book Musings – Guest Post
The Christmas Book Flood
The Icelandic Christmas tradition of Jolabokaflod is known as the Christmas Book Flood. This is one of the reasons I want to go to Iceland, because they love books as much as I do. I think the idea of exchanging books and spending the rest of the night curled up with that book and a cup of chocolate appeals to the introvert in me.
Inside The Mind of An Avid Reader – Review
“NY Doc Under The Northern Lights by Amy Ruttan is fabulous. I loved this sweet romance. Love at first sight between two people…”

Reading On The Edge – Excerpt

She clambered out of bed, jammed her glasses on her face, threw a sweater over her tank top, pulled on her heavy woolen socks and made her way downstairs, bumping into a wall as her eyes adjusted to the daylight.

She cursed under her breath and then peeked through the peephole and groaned when she saw a familiar six-foot Viking standing on her porch, looking just as good and put together as he had yesterday.

What does he want?
Teatime and Books – Review
“A truly amazing tale, the plot is thick with intrigue and passion and the characters are deeply developed. I’d highly recommend to anyone looking for a sweet, romantic story to warm your hearts this coming winter season!”
Don’t forget to enter the giveaway below, if you haven’t already…

NY Doc Under the Northern Lights By Amy Ruttan

Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 256 Pages
October 1st 2018 by Harlequin Medical
Escaping the big city…
For love under Icelandic skies
When surgeon Betty Jacinth’s heart is broken once again, she takes a job in Iceland for a change of scenery. She expects cold weather—but not the frosty welcome she receives from gorgeous but brooding Dr. Axel Sturlusson! Now father to his orphaned niece, Axel gradually thaws, and a flame ignites—but when Betty’s ex begs her to return, can she make the right choice for love?
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About the Author

Born and raised just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Amy fled the big city to settle down with the country boy of her dreams. After the birth of her second child, Amy was lucky enough to realize her life long dream of becoming a romance author. When she’s not furiously typing away at her computer, she’s a mom to three wonderful children who use her as a personal taxi and chef.
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Beyond Her Calling

Blurb #1:

At twenty, Ivy Knight feels as if she hasn’t accomplished anything of worth. Her life stretches on before her, empty and pointless. Though her faith in
God and her mental abilities have been strengthened, she still doubts herself. Does God have a purpose for a socially awkward, often confused and
frightened young woman?

Jordy McAllen has just returned to Scotland after his education in London. Though he has accomplished a lot for a farm lad such as himself, he fears
that what everyone has always said about him may be true: he won’t really make a good doctor. Determined to prove himself, Jordy snatches up the
opportunity to become the doctor in the village of Keefmore near his parents’ farm.

Helping Jordy with his work at Keefmore seems like the perfect opportunity for Ivy. Still, she doubts herself. Is there a purpose to Ivy’s life?

Blurb #2:

A clean and pure Christian historical romance with:

-friendship to romance (which is actually based on love)
-mental disabilities rep
-cows (and being afraid of cows)
-small adorable children
-more Scotland
-awesome families
-siblings and best friends and both at once
Author Bio

Kellyn Roth lives on an Eastern Oregon ranch with her parents, little brothers, border collies, cats, and a few dozen cows and chickens. Always a
lover of a good story, and especially of telling one, she’s been writing since she was seven and published her first novel at fourteen. Now a
homeschool grad, she divides her time between penning her next Christian historical novel, creating professionally silly articles at, and her actual life. Actual life plays second fiddle sometimes, though.

Find out more on her website:
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Blog Tour Schedule:

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Sunday, October 21st

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Friday, October 26th

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Saturday, October 27th

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On Tour with Prism Book Tours

Book Tour Grand Finale for
Sweet Home Montana
By Lynne Marshall
We hope you enjoyed the tour! If you missed any of the stops
you can see snippets, as well as the link to each full post, below:
Launch – Note from the Author

I’m so happy to be back touring with Prism and am excited to share my new book Sweet Home Montana with everyone. This is book number three in the Charity, Montana trilogy for TULE publishing. It is the sweetest of all three books, in my opinion. Think Hallmark movies and you understand what I’m talking about. No angst or deep drama, but definite issues that both characters must face and “fix”, so they can move forward to a truly fulfilling life…

It’s All About the Romance – Excerpt

She had been volunteering at The Acres, as the crew called it, for three years, and Dr. Anderson insisted it was time to move on. To finish that degree in business. Get a job that paid more. In the real world. For Erin, Healing Heart Acres was as real world as she wanted to be. Because it was the place that helped put broken people back together.

Maybe I should start telling her how much I love giving the tour and that I never want to work with the animals again. The absurd reverse psychology trick made her smile.

“Oh, glad to see you’re happy about your schedule,” Elsbeth Anderson said, stepping out of nowhere, catching Erin mid-grin.

Uplifting Reads – Review

“As Erin and Wade’s lives weave together, there are naturally some bumps along the road. It’s all about how they work through those struggles to understand each other and to nurture the relationship they find themselves embarking upon, in spite of their personal struggles.

This was the perfect book to curl up with on a cold and rainy fall day.”

Wishful Endings – Excerpt

Mid-chew, he glanced at the door, surprised, and very pleased, to see Erin come in. He smiled, watched, and waited as she made her entry…

With a toddler?

“Choc milk,” the little brown-haired girl said, all excited.

“Just like I promised.” Erin was completely at ease with the child, guiding her toward the counter to make their order.

Unexplained disappointment surprised Wade, along with a slew of questions about Erin. Was she married? He hadn’t noticed a ring. But, since the kid looked so much like her, she was obviously a mother.

Hearts & Scribbles – Excerpt

A flashy silver sedan drove up and parked in the lot, and a father-son duo straight out of the pages of Gentleman’s Quarterly magazine got out. The son was sullen, casting a suspicious gaze, as if thinking this was the dumbest idea he’d ever heard of. Breaking with GQ chic, he wore a silly knit cap that stood out for two reasons, it wasn’t that cold, and there was a moose face on it. It took confidence to pull off the look.

The father seemed determined, as many parents were when they arrived, usually after having Healing Heart Acres recommended by someone in the professional community—a teacher, therapist, or pastor. The parents often arrived hoping to find the magic solution to help their kid. Erin knew the look, even though it was on an exceptionally young-looking father’s face.

Paulette’s Papers – Excerpt

After the usual welcoming remarks for the acres each person introduced themselves. She saved the father and son for last.

“I’m Wade Conrad. Grew up in Charity, around an hour from here. Heard about Healing Heart Acres and wanted to check it out.”

He seemed pleasant enough, but got his story out fast, probably out of courtesy, unlike Mrs. Pimento who’d gone on and on. Yet, watching and listening to Wade excited Erin, a feeling she’d nearly forgotten where men were concerned. The immediate excitement he provoked in her, was also terrifying. Fortunately, she’d only have to deal with the younger version of him.

Colorimetry – Excerpt

Why did the man make her edgy? Probably because she’d rarely been around such a devastatingly handsome male. She glanced to Brent, sure to become as commanding as his father as he matured. He, unlike his attentive father, watched a ground squirrel instead of the corralled animals, probably not listening to a word she said.

She showed everyone how to hold grain on a flat palm, so the sheep only ate the food and didn’t nibble their fingers. Everyone always got a kick out of that, except Brent, who clearly wasn’t interested.

Getting Your Read On – Review

“If you are looking for a sweet, gentle romance to curl up with on a cool fall evening, then look no further. This book has all the feel good elements with likable characters and a believable story line.”

Stacking My Book Shelves! – Excerpt

A sharp whistle pierced the air, the kind cowboys used on cattle drives. “Erin!” Wade’s voice called out before she stepped inside. She stopped, turned, waited for the tall, dark-haired and green-eyed man to reach her. Again, an unwanted reaction circled her skin. But she wasn’t here to swoon, she was here to be helpful. He obviously had a problem with his son.

Cover Lover Book Review – Review

“Sweet Home Montana encompasses sweet, gentle, unhurried romance. It’s a story of personal growth—stepping out of complacency and exploring a deeper, more satisfying life.”

underneath the covers – Excerpt

To keep communication open, nervous as Erin was to have a conversation alone with Wade Conrad, she smiled and widened her eyes. “Need some extra encouragement?” Hoping he couldn’t pick up on her reaction to him.

He was probably used to it with all women. How could he not be, growing up looking like that? He probably didn’t even notice anymore.

“How’d you guess?”

“I’ve been reading Brent’s body language. He’s not here voluntarily, is he.” It wasn’t a question.

Remembrancy – Review

“Lynne Marshall gives readers a taste of small-town Montana life (and made me crave some huckleberry pie in the process) in this sweet romance…

Sweet Home Montana is a read to snuggle up with in front of a fire or under that plaid flannel blanket. Get ready for a little romance this fall.”

Nan Reinhardt’s Blog – Excerpt

Once Wade took off, Erin recovered and wandered over to Brent, who sat on a bench staring at his boots. “Mind if I join you?”

He glanced up. Rather than answering, he tipped his chin up, as in yes.

She sat gingerly on the other end of the bench. “I guess I read you wrong.”

He tossed her a confused and perturbed glance. “He tell you I don’t talk to him because he doesn’t like being my brother?”

Book Lover in Florida – Excerpt

“What’s the point of this place? Why should I come here?” Brent asked.

“How about, for starters, for the sake of a new experience?” Erin replied. “We offer a chance for people to learn about themselves by participating in activities like daily care routines with our animals. It’s a chance to do something good, too. Then all we do is talk about it afterward.” She carefully left out the part about talking about their feelings. “It’s no biggie.” She played it down, knowing how resistant some teens were about anything they were uncomfortable with. “A lot of teenagers wind up really enjoying it. By the way, the horses would rather hang out with their peers, too.”

Becky on Books – Review

“I really enjoyed Erin and Wade’s story, and was rooting for them to work things out from the very first page. The complications along the way were believable, and though resolved a bit easily, everything was still plausible. The secondary characters–including Brent, Rosie, and Diana–made the story feel well-rounded and Charity, Montana seem like a place I’d love to visit–and eat some pie.”

Locks, Hooks and Books – Review

“I enjoyed this sweet story. I felt connected to Erin Chase from the start. I love that she worked at a horse therapy center. What a unique profession!”

Inside The Mind of an Avid Reader – Review

“This book is gentle and sweet. Erin and Wade are wonderful.”

Teatime and Books – Excerpt

Wade stood in the back in the main house as the video history about Healing Heart Acres and equine therapy played. Instead of paying attention, he thought about how he’d wound up back home.

After a long pause in communicating with his father, Wade’s excuse being he was too busy, always too busy, his dad had called, and Wade had thought the worse.

“Dad? Is anything wrong?”

“No, Son, everything’s right, I mean great. It’s been ages since we’ve talked.” So true, and unacceptable, and that made his calling suspicious and Wade’s guilt-o-meter whirl.

Reading Is My SuperPower – Review

“This is a sweet & cute romance set in more than one delightful small town with gorgeous scenery and a quirkiness apparently inherent to Montana. There is more ‘telling’ than i like (rather than showing me) and some of the Montana-isms felt a bit awkward with the flow of the story. But overall these characters will quickly win you over, and so does their story – thanks to Marshall’s warm writing voice and sweet plot. If you’re a fan of Hallmark movies, this is a great pick for your reading list!”

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway below, if you haven’t already…

Sweet Home Montana
(Charity, Montana Book #3)
By Lynne Marshall
Contemporary Romance
Print & ebook, 278 Pages
September 27th 2018 by Tule Publishing

Entrepreneur Wade Conrad is called home to act as a temporary guardian for his teenage half-brother, who’s acting out and needs strong guidance. Wade feels they are both floundering, so he seeks help for Brent at Healing Heart Acres, an equine therapy center.

Erin Chase has been working as an equine therapist since her fiancé called off their wedding with no explanation three years ago. She personally enjoys the peace found through animal therapy and believes in passing on the gift. When Erin meets Wade, she’s instantly drawn to his concern for his brother, as well as his kindness and charm.

Wade treasures time spent with Erin. They both long for more, but Wade’s leaving for California soon and his brother’s needs come first. Will he take a chance on love before it’s too late?

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Other Books in the Series

About the Author

Lynne used to worry she had a serious problem with daydreaming, then she discovered she was supposed to write the stories in her head. A late bloomer, Lynne came to fiction writing after her children were nearly grown. Now she battles the empty nest by writing stories which always include a romance, sometimes medicine, a dose of mirth, or both, but always stories from her heart. She is a Southern California native, married for almost thirty years, has two adult children she is super proud of, is a dog lover, cat admirer, a power walker, and fellow traveler on this wild road called life!


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2 winners will receive ebooks of Her Baby, His Love and Their Christmas Miracle
Open internationally
Ends October 17th

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On Tour with Prism Book Tours
 Release Blitz for
Our Christmas Promise
By Tara Randel

Our Christmas Promise:
A Christmas Wedding Story
(12 Days of Heartwarming Christmas)
By Tara Randel
Contemporary Romance, Holiday, Novella
ebook, 129 Pages
October 9, 2018

Melissa Upton and Justin Caswell have been best friends since they were kids. Now, they’re all grown up and things have changed, for Melissa at least. She’s content running the family bridal shop, Candlelight and Lace. Excited about an upcoming wedding. She doesn’t even mind attending weddings with Justin, until he dubs them wedding buddies. And now that he’s back in Christmas Town, Melissa realizes she wants more. If she goes after her heart will she lose her best friend?

Justin is back home to take care of business for his estranged father while he recovers from a heart attack. He’s launched his own successful career, is happy with his single status. Until he feels the distance Melissa has put between them. What’s up with his best friend? The more time they spend together, involved in Christmas Town holiday preparations, the more he realizes she’s hoping for more in their relationship. Can Justin see that being in love, and remaining best friends, is the best of both worlds?

GoodreadsAmazonBarnes & NobleiBooks


Jaycee tossed a paper towel in the trash and met Melissa’s gaze in the mirror over the sink.
“When are you going to tell him?”
“Tell who what?” Melissa asked as she dug in her bag for lip balm.
“Tell Justin you have feelings for him.”
Melissa froze. Blinked a few times and glanced at Jaycee. “What are you talking about?”
Jaycee rested her hip against the counter and crossed her arms over her chest. “Don’t play dumb with me. I see how you look at him, especially when he doesn’t know it.”
“He’s my friend and I’m glad he’s home.”
“Really? That’s it?”
Melissa shrugged and resumed her searching. “What more could there be?”
“You tell me.”
“There’s nothing to tell.”
“Then why don’t you date?”
Melissa gripped the tube of balm in her fingers. “I date.”
“Name the last time you went out with a guy.”
She racked her brain but came up empty. “College, maybe?”
“That was six years ago.”
“No…it can’t be that long.”
Jaycee arched a brow.
“Wait. I went out with Roger Pierce for a while.”
“Until he moved away.” Jaycee shook her head. “I’m telling you, you have it bad for Justin.”
Did she? Did that explain the tingles she’d been trying to ignore? Or had she been without a significant other for too long now?
Slowly spreading the balm across her lips, Melissa met her own gaze in the mirror. Clear brown eyes peered back, but a rosy red had crept into her cheeks. She recognized the look, had seen it on dozens of bride’s faces through the years. 
Good grief, was she in love with Justin?
“Do you care for him as more than just a friend?” Jaycee asked when Melissa had been quiet too long.
“Of course not.”
Despite her words, Melissa flashed back to that Christmas Eve many years ago when they’d promised to be friends forever. How they’d carried through on the vow, remaining friends through high school and stayed in touch when he left Christmas Town for college. She understood why he didn’t return, so she’d made sure to visit him in Boston. Once their friends had started to marry, meeting up at weddings had become their thing. But was that good enough for her now?
Tossing the tube back in her purse with more pressure than she intended, Melissa closed the bag. Pushed her unsettling thoughts away. “You’re imagining things.”
With a shrug, Jaycee pushed from the counter. “If you say so.”
“I say so,” she said, yanking the door open to return to the raucous, overcrowded pub.

About the Author

USA Today Bestselling Author Tara Randel has enjoyed a lifelong love of books, especially romance and mystery genres, so it didn’t come as a surprise when she began writing with the dream of becoming published. Family values, mystery and, of course, love and romance are her favorite themes, because she believes love is the greatest gift of all. Tara lives on the West Coast of Florida, where gorgeous sunsets inspire the creation of heartwarming stories, filled with love, laughter and the occasional mystery.

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About the Book

One wild night, Shance Windkeeper discovers he is married to a death unicorn. But that’s the least of his troubles. As an agent for the Lawless, Shance is working with dragonshifters Kesia Ironfire and Zephryn Nightstalker, trying to end the dragon-human war and the organization that masterminded it. While on a mission in the Scepter of Knowledge, the Lawless is hit with a devastating death unicorn attack. Out of the wreckage new allies emerge: Lirome Ukerys, and his twin sister Maira, the death unicorn queen—Shance’s long-lost wife. Recently freed from captivity, Maira is fighting to regain control of her herd. Lurien Alistil, a rogue death unicorn, has bespelled the Scepter of Knowledge and taken Maira’s son. When Kesia unexpectedly challenges Lurien to a public debate, the Lawless has a chance to break the usurper’s hold. To obtain vital information they must infiltrate her lair—and as the husband of the death unicorn queen, Shance Windkeeper is the perfect prize to go in. But Lurien’s power is stronger and more insidious than they realize. And if the final pieces of her plan fall into place, not even Shance’s newfound Talents and knowledge will be enough to stop her.

A steampunk fantasy adventure with much intrigue, unexpected romance, sudden tragedy, and a snarky cat-dragon.

AmazonBarnes & NobleKobo iBooksSigned Paperback

About the Author

Celebrate the launch of Faithless: The Ironfire Legacy Book 2 with featured author Janeen Ippolito and guest authors Angelique Anderson and R.J. Metcalf! Get your fill of steampunk, dragons, adventures, and more (re: death unicorns and a cat-dragon) with this fun-filled evening that includes giveaways, games, and an exclusive reveal or two. Hosted by Laura A. Grace of Unicorn Quester and Uncommon Universes Press!

Janeen Ippolito believes words transform worlds. She creates writing resources and writes steampunk fantasy. She’s also an experienced teacher, editor, author coach, and the editor in chief of Uncommon Universes Press. In her spare time, she enjoys sword-fighting, reading, food, and making brownie batter. Two of her goals are eating fried tarantulas and traveling to Antarctica. This extroverted writer loves getting connected, so find her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and at her website:

Party Time!

Blog Tour Schedule

Monday, October 8th – Map Monday Spotlight – Becky Gaines Tuesday, October 9th – Spotlight – Letters From Annie (Douglass) Lima Wednesday, October 10th – Character Interview – Jenelle Leanne Schmidt – Guest Post & Interview – TheHufflepuffNerdette Thursday, October 11th – Behind-the-Scenes –The Simmering Mind – Author Interview – Claire M. Banschbach Friday, October 12th – Behind-the-Scenes – Author Katherine A. Massengill Sunday, October 14th – Book Review – Smada’s Book Smack Monday, October 15th – Spotlight – A Hippie’s Bookshelf – Character Interview with Shance – Becky Gaines Tuesday, October 16th – World Building Feature on the Scepter of Knowledge – K.A. Cummins Wednesday, October 17th – Spotlight – The Genre Minx Book Reviews Thursday, October 18th – Behind-the-Scenes – Unicorn Quester Friday, October 19th – World Building Feature on Death Unicorns – C. O. Bonham – Spotlight – YA/NA Book Divas Saturday, October 20th World Building Feature on Dragons – Empyrean Voyager – Book Review – The Book Unicorn Monday, October 22nd – Book Review – Jessica Rachow: Author & Blogger Tuesday, October 23rd – Behind-the-Scenes – Anna Tan Wednesday, October 24th – Book Review – Anna Tan Thursday, October 25th – Author Interview – Laura VanArendonk Baugh – Book Review – Becky Gaines

The Case of the Very Bad Cat (The Kitten Files #4)

by Perry Elisabeth Kirkpatrick


About the Book

“I’m Mia.
I know how to write.
Why’s that a big deal?
Because… I’m a cat.”

After nearly being discovered by the scientists from Caput Laboratories and having to fake her own death, Mia has been lying low. As Christmas approaches, she gets herself temporarily adopted by College-Guy, also known as Tommy.

Something is afoot in the neighborhood, though, and when Mia is accused of leaving dead mice and birds on the neighbors’ doorstep, she’s determined to get to the bottom of it. But even the mystery isn’t what it seems.

Will Mia be able to solve the case of the Very Bad Cat? Will she be able to return home so Keith doesn’t spend Christmas all alone?
Free with Kindle Unlimited, and on sale for $0.99 through 10/11/18!

Did you know?

“When I was partway through writing the first draft of The Case of the Very Bad Cat, my sister pointed out that I could actually connect it to a Kitten Files short story I wrote last Christmas. It took a little bit of reworking, but I’m so glad I took her brilliant suggestion. Now The Case of the Very Bad Cat nests perfectly with The 12 Cats of Christmas despite the two stories being written about 10 months apart!”

About the Author


Perry Elisabeth Kirkpatrick is a Christian author of 7 books and multiple short stories. She lives in the southwestern United States with her husband, four sons, two dogs, two cats (who hate each other passionately), +/- 8 hens, and one extremely cowardly rooster.
Connect with her at or on Facebook, and get a free, short mystery when you join her newsletter!