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Cover art by Jack Lin


Two alien worlds. One teen emissary. No reality she can trust.

Thirteen-year-old Liz Smith has been ripped away from one foster family after another for years, so the idea of a permanent home is tantalizing. Who cares if that home is a colony sixty-five thousand light-years from Earth? The friends in her trusty e-reader will keep her company just fine on her interstellar relocation.

But when the adventure of a lifetime turns into the disaster of the cosmos, Liz can only retreat so far into the books that have always sheltered her from loneliness and loss. Trapped in half-truths and secrets that leave her questioning reality, can one orphaned bookworm find a way to stop two races from destroying each other … and somehow write a happy ending to her own story?

If you like books about space travel, aliens, or cross-cultural transitions, you’ll love this poignant science fiction adventure. Get your copy of Heartsong now to start the journey today!


"This book has everything I love about science fiction: science, technology, cultures, history, politics, and strong themes. I highly recommend it for YA readers and anyone interested in a more classic approach to science fiction.... Really a wonderful book! One of the best I have read this year!"

-E.B. Dawson, author,

"Writing is smooth, efficient, and professionally edited. Pacing and action sequences are well suited for tween readers, and an ongoing sense of danger kept this teacher turning pages, too. Crash landings, aliens, space colonies, intrigue between species... And always the question--what are those Somavians really up to? I wanted to know!"

-Michelle Isenhoff, author of Recompense

"Wonderfully scripted with believable alien culture that the reader learns along with young Liz. This book deserves to be put along side Asimov, Clark, Crichton and H.G. Wells. This is a must read for any Sci-Fi fan."

-Steven C. Macon, author and book blogger,