Today on my blog I’m featuring the book Angel on My Mind by Shirley Wiggerman. 

Book Description:

A love story of a different sort.  Jonathan is alone trying to find himself in the world that surrounds him.  He makes a vital decision for change in hopes of a much brighter future but after one night of fun, he is confronted with three situations that turn his precarious life into one full of direction.  Unexpectantly  he meets a woman named Angela at a skating rink and falls in love with her within the hour they spend skating.  She leaves unannounced.  Jonathan is left with only her phone number and her journal.  Now because of his love for her, he must find her in hopes to convince her to marry him.  This seems simple enough except that the circumstances of the night, after he left the skating rink, has him with his one and only connection to ever see Angela again.   A skateboarding teen named Kyle, the one person that can help him find her but he doesn’t make it easy by playing games with Jonathan.  On top of everything else he discovers a stranger inside his parents old house and is determined to know who he is, and what he’s doing there.  Jonathan wants Angela to be his wife, the annoying kid to grow up, and the strange man out of his parents house.  He wants his life to be easy again.

Excerpt from Chapter 4…

She skated backwards with her arms stretched out in front her, holding his hands to pull him along.  He continued to be clumsy, nearly pulling her down with him a few times when turning the corners.  If ever he wanted to impress, this was the time, and so far he wasn’t doing well.  It wasn’t long, just as she said, that he was looking like he had been on wheels for years.  Not for years, but he had gained his balance…

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Jonathan was ready to step off the floor. He was still nervous just being with Angela.  He has always been that way around women he met for the first time but this time was worse. Trying to step off the floor, he cut the corner short, just barely hitting the wall, but it was enough to make him lose his balance and making him stumble…

A Five-Star Review for Angel on My Mind:                 
What an awesome start! I would be interested in reading another book by the author! It was a great love story, a story your able to connect with and want more…….nice work!   

From the Author

I have been a writer since I was a child, as my English teachers would always suggest.  I love writing and love to see others touched by what they have read just as how I was touched with the stories I have read.  

I am a romantic truly.  I was traveling down a highway when the idea of this book came to mind.  I fell in love with the story and wanted to bring it to life.  My hope is that the reader enjoys the story as much as I did.  Not your typical romance novel but one of good character.  Although the book is slow in introducing the best part of the plot.  I wanted to introduce Jonathan’s character first, to help the reader understand just how much he needs the love in his life he so desires to have with Angela.  May the reader fall in love with the story as much as I did.

Shirley Wiggerman

Winner of 2007 American Poet of the Year Award for my poem, “The Fire”.
Contact: [email protected]