It’s officially the Year of the Tiger now. Here are a few pictures taken in the Shui Nan Market and a local park right before the new year (though because it’s been rainy for most of the last week or so, I didn’t get as many as usual).

A mini parade down one of the main streets of the market. The people were handing out flyers (in Chinese) for something or other, and candy to the kids.
Decorations for sale.

Tasty holiday snacks. Most of these were made of various nuts and seeds in a sticky nougat bar.
Hand painted paper lanterns on display in the park.

The Year of the Ox is upon us, and oxen (in various forms) are everywhere in Taiwan. I took these pictures at the Shui Nan Market the Saturday before Chinese New Year.

Decorations (mostly red and gold and cow-themed) are for sale or on display everywhere. Even fruit (designed to be given as gifts) comes with bows and ribbons this time of year!

Tasty snacks are one of the most fun aspects of the season!