Conviction (The Legacy Chronicles #2) by Lauren H Salisbury
I’m Lauren Salisbury, a Christian science fiction author. If you asked me ten years ago what I’d be doing now, I would never have imagined I’d be sitting here writing a blog post about my second novel. I probably would have said I’d be in a school somewhere, teaching English and working with trainee teachers. Then I would have asked what a blog post is.
I never considered doing anything other than teach when I was younger. It was my dream job, and I loved every minute of it, even when I wanted to tear my hair out.
Still, here I am. Writing. And I’ve discovered something amazing. Wrangling the stories in my head onto a page and then sharing them with other people is just as exciting and rewarding as my last career. I’m so happy I decided to take that leap of faith.
Conviction, the second book in The Legacy Chronicles, was released on 7th September. I’ll admit this one was interesting for me because it’s my first novel involving romance. Aside from the developing relationship between Than and Menali, one of the things I enjoyed most about writing it was exploring Mirami’s reactions to the events around her. Not many science fiction novels include an entire family, and it’s something that many readers have commented on and appreciated. Mirami is seven in the first two books, and she was so much fun to write.

She’s cheeky and intelligent and loves being around babies. She also sees everything that happens so differently from the adults around her. Things are more straightforward in her world, but also much more scary and confusing, and she often has to find the courage to keep going in situations when even an adult would struggle to continue.
I love how brave she is, and also how she learns to trust and open up to Than and Menali in Conviction. I hope readers come to feel the same way about her as I do, and I look forward to writing more about her as an adult later in the series. But that’s a story for another time. Until then, check out these ten fun facts about Mirami written from her view.
Ten Things About Me by Mirami Trestam
1.   I want to have another brother or sister that will live with me so that I can help take care of them.
2.   I got Gerom in trouble for making me cry once, but I wasn’t that upset really. Just angry with him for teasing me.
3.   I have nightmares that wake me up sometimes, so I listen to what the adults in the main room are saying until I fall asleep again. They’re usually pretty boring.
4.   I don’t have a best friend because it was mostly boys in my year group and they don’t like playing make-believe with me.
5.   I always wanted to work in the Nursery when I got placed. I sometimes used to pretend not to understand the technology tests so they wouldn’t put me in the manufacturing sector instead.
6.   When I get scared or upset or lonely, I have a pebble that I hold onto, and I pray like mama showed me until I feel good again.
7.   Uncle Than is much easier to get around than mama, and he doesn’t know the rules about my chores and sleep time very well.
8.   I like telling stories to the little ones in the school-wing, but the babies are the best. They smell nice, and their hands are so small and cute.
9.   I like swimming in the lake. I wish I wasn’t too old to do that anymore.
10.            When I finish my training years, the first thing I’m going to do is find a trainee to help. I’ll tell them all the best things to do to keep the Esarelians away.


The Legacy Chronicles #2
By Lauren H Salisbury
Christian science fiction romance
Paperback and ebook
September 7th 2018
Can two people with opposing principles overcome their differences to be together?
Than has spent his life ostensibly having fun while secretly fighting for his people’s freedom. A member of the underground resistance, he is only ever serious around his comrades and his family. When an injury forces him to step down from active duty and his reluctant nurse sparks his interest, Than finds himself in uncharted territory. The fascinating woman will have nothing to do with him.
Menali’s past has taught her to keep her head down and trust that God has a reason for allowing the human race to suffer on U’du. When Than explodes into her life, he refuses to take no for an answer and challenges all of her preconceptions. He soon has her re-evaluating her priorities and wondering what life with someone like him would be like.
Thank you for taking the time to discover a little bit about me and my writing. I hope you enjoyed this brief insight into my world. If you want to find out more, please feel free to contact me through any of the sites below, and don’t forget to check out Courage and Conviction. Happy reading!