I’m here in Malaysian Borneo for a few days attending a teaching conference, and I’m loving it!  (To see my first Bornean blog post, click here.)

Yesterday afternoon after the conference was over for the day, Floyd and I decided to visit an aquarium called the Green Connection here in Kota Kinabalu.  It wasn’t especially large or fancy, but we got to pet sharks and see lots of interesting critters.  I recommend it for those who enjoyed such things.  Here are a few glimpses of the creatures we saw there:

We followed our visit to the Green Connection with a scenic dinner by the beach – it was the tastiest meal we’ve had since we’ve been here!  There was sort of an open food court area with lots of little stalls under one large roof – here’s what it looked like right outside.

This little stall offered all sorts of wonderful-looking smoothies and fancy drinks.  It was hard to choose one!

This is the drink I ended up ordering.  It was a mango smoothie float – delicious!

When I had lived in Indonesia, I really enjoyed a dish called “ikan bakar” (literally, baked fish).  I saw a sign above one of the stalls advertising ikan bakar (the language in Malaysia is very similar to Indonesian), but what they brought me was quite different than what I remembered!

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