I had some free time on my last afternoon in Thailand, so I signed up for a half-day tour package that gave me some lifelong memories. 

First our tour group went to Mae Sa Elephant Camp, a little ways outside of Chiang Mai.  

There we got to watch elephants doing interesting activities.  Click on the links below to watch some short videos I took of the elephants:
elephant throwing darts
elephant playing basketball

Above you can see the pictures that were painted that day – yes, I can vouch for the fact that this artwork really was created entirely by elephants!

Also at Mae Sa, I enjoyed my first-ever elephant ride (no, I never did that in Kenya!). 

As much as I enjoyed my experience with the elephants, the next stop on the tour was even better.  Click on the link to read my blog post about Tiger Kingdom!  Or, skip ahead to the third stop on the tour and read about the beautiful Orchid Nursery.  Did you miss my first blog post with glimpses of Chiang Mai?  Take a look at A Trip to Thailand.