Even though we live in a busy city, there are plenty of gorgeous flowers to be found in our neighborhood!

Here’s what the flowers above look like close up:

I took most of these pictures a couple years ago, but you can still see flowers in most of the same spots around our neighborhood today.

Many of these just grow wild by the side of the road, though you can probably tell a few of the ones in these pictures have been planted and carefully tended.

I’m not sure why most of these flowers are lavender, but that does seem to be the predominant color!

I don’t know the names of many flowers, but the one below is a water lily.

These are orchids – very common here in Taiwan, especially as decorations in hotel lobbies, classy restaurants, and other fancy places.

I pass these ones (below) on my walk to the Shui Nan Market every week.

Have you ever seen more unusual planters?!

An Orchid Nursery was the third stop in the tour package on my trip to Thailand.

Dozens of varieties of orchids are grown there.

These blooms are sold in Thailand and exported around the world.

There was no officially organized tour, but we were free to wander around the facility and admire the flowers.

I was impressed by the wide range of colors and varieties.

I have to admit, however, that although the flowers were gorgeous, it was hard to get too excited about them right after lying down on a tiger!
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