My Review: 

I enjoyed this charming little book of free verse poetry by an online friend of mine! All of them are inspirational poems based on nature walks Christopher Kelder took. I was fascinated at the idea of writing a collection of poems all inspired by the same kind of event, and yet all different. The color photos that go with each poem really add to the experience. Anyone who likes poems about God and walking in nature is bound to enjoy this fun collection! Why not take a look? 

Here’s a sample poem from the book that I particularly enjoyed (I needed the reminder!).


I again pondered my schedule, 
my appointments, and my goals 
as I slowly strolled along.

Until I heard His voice remind me 
to open my eyes and
look around me,
to appreciate this present moment, 
the gift of this sunny, exhilarating 
first day of December.
Not to continually dwell on
what needs to be,
but to often enjoy the beauty
that already is. 

About the Author:

Christopher Kelder is an inspirational poet, fiction writer, and filmmaker in Lexington, Kentucky. His short story collection, A Catholic Celebration, is available at His new book, The Secret of Cobb Creek: A Depression-Era Story of E. Kentucky is available at Barnes and Noble and also on Amazon. His new novella, A Time for Healing, will soon be available at both places.