POPpins Pinterest Virtual Assistant

I never thought I wanted (or needed) a virtual assistant, for Pinterest or anything else. Then I got started with Rebekah of POPpins LLC and realized just how much I hadn’t been doing because I didn’t have time for it or know how to do it well.

This is what you see now when you go to my Pinterest account. Doesn’t it look great?! The cover shows books I’ve featured on my blog as well as some of my own books and one of the Bible verse coloring sheets I sell on my site.

Rebekah’s job involves “Helping authors, artists, teacherpreneurs, homeschoolers, special needs & disability advocates, ministries, and artisans increase their visibility via the Pinterest platform.” Though I had a Pinterest account already, I’d never done much with it, prioritizing Facebook as my main social media platform. Rebekah gave it new life! She started by turning it into a business account for me, then got me a Tailwind account (Tailwind is a social media scheduling app that’s tailored for Pinterest) and linked it to my Pinterest. Next, she optimized the presentation of my Pinterest wall by creating dozens of distinct pins and matching board covers for me (all beautiful and professional-looking) from various custom-made, trend-mindful templates to promote my books and website. Then, she followed about 50 other authors from my account and joined group boards and Tailwind Tribes that matched my branding on my behalf. She scheduled up to 15 pins per day for me and submitted certain ones to the exchange system on Tailwind Tribes (where she pinned for other authors on my behalf, and they pinned on mine). Every month she sends me a classy-looking analytics report with simple-to-read statistics like how many new covers she designed that month, how many pins she pinned and repinned, how many impressions my pins received, etc. There’s a line graph showing the number of clicks to my website each day, and also pictures of the most popular organic pins. Even more importantly (to me), Rebekah has been available by email whenever I’ve had questions and has explained everything I’ve wanted to know about clearly and simply.

Here’s an example of one of the pins Rebekah created, featuring the books in my fantasy series. (As I preview this post, the picture’s dimensions look odd, but the actual pin looks the way it should. You can see the original one on Pinterest at the link below.

You can take a look at my actual Pinterest account here. Everything you see there that looks so lovely is thanks to Rebekah of POPpins LLC!

I don’t often blog about professionals in the industry, but I felt it was worth making an exception this time. If you don’t use Pinterest to its full effect as an author, or if you didn’t even realize it could be an effective way to promote your books or drive traffic to your blog/website, or if you simply don’t have time to deal with it on top of everything else, you would probably benefit from the services of a Pinterest Virtual Assistant too. Take a look at the links below to see more about what Rebekah offers on her website, including a special group deal for authors who don’t need her full package.

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Questions? Feel free to ask them here. Have you used a virtual assistant before? What did he/she do for you, and has it been worth it? Let us know in the comments!