From August 9th-19th, my blog and I are participating in a “Discovery” through  Each day, I’ll be featuring a different author and one of their books; the other authors will also be featuring me and each other on their blogs at the same time.  Check in every day to find out about great new reads!  
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Disclaimer: I haven’t actually read any of the books beside my own.  While they look good to me, I can’t guarantee their quality or content.
Day 6: The Trouble with Rane by Robert Beacham
The Trouble With Rane

 The Trouble With Rane is an adventure-packed, humorous, science fiction enovella from Robert Beacham. At 18,000 words it’s long enough to get your teeth into but short enough not to demand too much of your time.

Although there’s an earlier short story (available for free here) this is our first proper introduction to Ranger extraordinaire, Ceras Rane – a highly-trained individual whose skills and deductive abilities are only surpassed by his remarkable luck.

Going “Outside” on Earth provides more dangers than just the toxic atmosphere – but that’s just the start of Ceras’ problems. There’s intrigue, deceit, secretive departments within law enforcement, androids, corruption, gun battles, aliens, a huge space station, a moon colony, drug smuggling… even a cat or two.
Oh, and it’s only 99¢ – how can you lose?

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Did you miss any of my previous book discoveries?  Check them out in the list below!
Did you miss any of my previous book discoveries?  Check them out in the list below!

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