From August 9th-19th, my blog and I are participating in a “Discovery” through  Each day, I’ll be featuring a different author and one of their books; the other authors will also be featuring me and each other on their blogs at the same time.  Check in every day to find out about great new reads!  
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Disclaimer: I haven’t actually read any of the books beside my own.  While they look good to me, I can’t guarantee their quality or content.
Day 7: The 3rd Option by Ben Sharpton


Published by Belle Isle Books

     Allan Chappel enrolled in seminary to change the world, but people lied and people died, and he turned in his clerical collar for an office cubicle. Now, years later, the ghosts of his past are back to haunt him, and they’re uglier and more powerful than before.
     When the offices of a new medical think tank called Inc.Ubator are destroyed in a fiery blast, Allan finds himself the prime suspect and the target of an international manhunt. Forced into hiding, he sets out to find the terrorists responsible and clear his name. But his quest for answers only leads to more questions: What were the researchers at Inc.Ubator hiding? And who was willing to spill blood to keep their work a secret? Allan must stay alive long enough to untwist the truth. Unfortunately, the forces opposing him will stop at nothing to prevent the release of the 3rd Option.

“This is the kind of rare thriller that I love–one that grabs you on page one and won’t let you go until the satisfying conclusion. The 3rd Option is smart and fresh, combining timely issues with thoughtful insights, relatable characters, and shocking twists. It makes you think while it makes your heart race. Bravo, Ben Sharpton…more please!”

–Peter Wallace, author of The Passionate Jesus: What We Can Learn from Jesus about Love, Fear, Grief, Joy, and Living Authentically

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