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Once Upon a Bowl of Oatmeal

70 Easy, Delicious, and Healthy Recipes

(Gluten-Free and Vegan)

to Transform those Boring Oats in the Back of Your Cupboard

into a Mouth-Watering Treat

While some might think it would take magic to make a bowl of oatmeal delicious, others believe it just takes the right recipe. In this cookbook, we present a little of both!

Are you tired of high-sugar, low-health-value instant oatmeals in tiny serving packets full of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives? Once Upon a Bowl of Oatmeal contains 70 hearty recipes packed with natural ingredients and brimful of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. All are gluten free, assuming you use gluten-free oats, and vegan (or they come with a vegan option). Most require no salt so are perfect for a low sodium diet. Almost all of these recipes can be prepared in ten minutes or less, saving you time in your busy morning.

Oh … and no more math! Whether you’re cooking just for yourself, for a family of six, or any number in between, every recipe comes in the form of a handy table that shows exactly how much of each ingredient you’ll need for however many servings you want.

Tasty enough for kids to crave but wholesome enough to appeal to health-conscious parents, these mouth-watering recipes will give you plenty of energy for your day while pleasing your taste buds too. Start using Once Upon a Bowl of Oatmeal now and say goodbye to artificial breakfasts that don’t fully satisfy!

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