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Distractions at Georg Peck Tea Shop
I spent a few hours this afternoon at Georg Peck, the tea shop where I usually go to write on weekends.  (For more on this tea shop and why I like it so much, see my other blog post here.)  You can see my laptop and half finished passion fruit green tea at the little outdoor table in the picture above.

Usually I get quite a bit of writing accomplished at Georg Peck.  There were some interesting distractions this time, though!

A family of swallows has a nest attached to the wall two doors down from Georg Peck.  I kept watching the parents (yes, I'm pretty sure there were two of them) bringing snacks to these cute little chicks.   Sometimes the chicks would stand on the edge of the nest and flap their wings.  I'm pretty sure they're almost ready to leave home!
Just when the birds finally settled down and I got my focus back, what should I see but a couple arriving to take engagement pictures across the street... at the local fire station!

It amused me that the lady was all dressed up but the man's clothes were casual.  Apparently that's fairly common in engagement photo shoots here in Taiwan.

My photo isn't crooked - the fire engine was parked on an incline!

It seemed odd that the couple would choose a fire station as the setting for their pictures, let alone that they would actually be allowed to do so.  Then I heard one of the ladies in the tea shop say that the young man is actually one of the fire fighters!  Okay, now it makes sense.

Somehow I don't think this would be allowed in the States, firefighter or no.

The man's fire fighter buddies were very enthusiastic, suggesting poses and helping to set up props (and taking pictures of each other with the bride and groom teddy bears in the first picture).  Passersby kept stopping to watch, and one of the tea shop ladies crossed the street to stand there taking her own pictures with her phone right by the professional photographers!  Is it any wonder I was distracted?!

As if I needed any more distractions, a few minutes later a parade went by on its way to one of the local temples.  Parades in Taiwan are very noisy events, full of strident music and firecrackers, and this one was no exception!  I tried and failed to upload my brief video of the parade, but you can watch it by clicking here.
Well, I didn't get very much writing done this afternoon, but at least I saw a few sights you don't see every day!  Hopefully next time I can get that chapter finished....


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