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Dating the It Guy

A Young Adult Romance Novel by Krysten Lindsay Hager

She's the girl next door and he's rich, popular, and from a famous political family. Brendon's the guy in high school everyone wants to date, and sparks fly when the two are paired together in class.

Emme feels out of her comfort zone in Brendon's world and it doesn't help that his picture-perfect ex seems determined to get back into his life, along with every other girl who wants to be the future Mrs. Agretti. Emme is already uneasy due to the fact her last boyfriend dumped her and her whole world is off-kilter with her grandmother's health issues and her grandfather's memory loss. Life suddenly seems easier pushing Brendon away and relying on horoscopes to guide her. Emme soon starts to realize she needs to focus less on the stars and more on her senses. Can Emme get over her insecurities and grief and make her relationship work? Life sure is complicated when you're dating the it guy.

A YA book with romance, a message of self-love and acceptance, and a sweet sense of family.

Includes new epilogue!


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Why I write by Krysten:

I write novels about friendships, crushes, hope, love, dealing with self-doubt, and appreciating what makes you unique.

​My books have always been about helping ​readers feel less alone in what they're dealing with and giving hope, comfort, and a happily ever after.

The world always makes us feel like we have to conform to fit in and who we are isn’t enough and my goal is to make my readers feel that what makes you different is what makes you special. I wasted too many years of my life trying to be who the world told me I should be and I want to stop others from having to go through that.

I write the books I wanted to read growing up. I write for the girl in her room who has had a difficult time with friends and frenemies and not knowing whom to trust and may not be comfortable with who she is yet.

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