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Taiwan Quarantine, Day 14

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As I sit here in my mostly-packed-up room on my final evening of quarantine, my main emotion is thankfulness. I'm thankful to be getting out of here tomorrow, yes, but also thankful for so many blessings God gave me in this place. I love my wonderful city and sunset view up here on the 22nd floor, and the amazingly comfortable bed (it's actually comfier than my bed at home!). I'm thankful that the room came with a desk and chair so I could easily use my laptop, and that the air conditioning works GREAT (I'm going to miss running the AC 24/7 at no extra cost!), and that there's a fan and a mini-fridge, and enough cupboard/drawer space to put all my stuff away so I didn't have to spend two weeks with it all over the place (those who know me well know how much that would have driven me crazy!). I'm thankful for the little luxuries I was able to bring or request from my apartment or that people sent as gifts: Dance Dance Revolution that's been so perfect for exercise in a small space, an HDMI cable that's let me use the hotel TV as an extra monitor, fresh fruit and fun snacks, coloring supplies, extra changes of clothes so I didn't have to do (much) laundry in the sink, a coffee mug so I didn't have to try to drink coffee out of tiny paper cups, even a baggie of salt to liven up the daily hard-boiled egg. I'm deeply grateful for the internet and the opportunities it brings to keep in touch with friends and family through email, Facebook, and video calls. And most of all, I'm thankful for all the ways in which God has shown me that I'm not alone. He's been here with me in this little room all along, never abandoning me, constantly pouring out his love and grace and kindness and blessings upon blessings on me. THANK YOU, LORD. That's all I can say. Thank you. I'm so grateful for the many gifts I've received from him and others these past two weeks. Thank you.

Breakfast: hard-boiled egg, slices of ham, greens, hash-brown patties, and a rice/pork/mushroom mixture wrapped in the banana-leaf packet.
Lunch: some kind of deep-fried, breaded patty on rice (I didn't try it, so not sure, but I assume it was pork), soft squash, spinach, and stewed beef with broccoli, carrots, and turnips. I'm not sure what was in the center section, except that it was spongy and juicy and may have been a relative of tofu. I believe the drink is jasmine tea.
Dinner: chicken curry with onions and potatoes over rice. And of course greens, and a slab of breaded deep-fried something-or-other that I didn't eat. (Seriously, TONS of breaded deep-fried something-or-others have gone to waste in my hotel room in the last two weeks! But at least they didn't go to MY waist!)

And that's it, ladies and gentlemen. This is my final night of quarantine. My luggage is mostly packed, my alarm is set for 5:00 a.m., and we check out at 6:00 tomorrow. In less than twelve hours, I'll be home!

Over and OUT!


2 Replies to “Taiwan Quarantine, Day 14”


Sorry to see you go we will miss your blogs love you!

Jackie moon

I am glad this was not so bad. It would have been hard to be separated from your husband all that time. The view was really nice.
My sister-in-law just got out of quarantine in Korea. Due to having a residence permit she was allowed to stay in her apartment. Different countries.
I trust this will be a good year for you both.


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