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Taiwan Quarantine, Day 11

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I decided to try a little pre-breakfast experiment: one packet hazelnut instant coffee (sadly, it doesn't include creamer - I didn't realize that when I ordered it online to bring with me to quarantine), one packet "3in1" instant coffee (with creamer and sugar) provided by the hotel, and two large squares of extra dark chocolate, all stirred together in hot water in my mug showing my awesome niece and nephews.

The elements in my experiment.

Verdict: the niece and nephews are still pretty awesome, but the coffee mixture, not so much. The dark chocolate is a little too extra (bitter). I'll stick with the two types of coffee from now on. Oh well, it was worth a try!

I heard some exciting news today. I found out that I get to go out on my field trip tomorrow! I wasn't expecting it till day 13 or 14 of my quarantine, but my quarantine officer called and said the taxi will come and pick us up at 10:00 tomorrow morning. Yes, you heard me right: I said US! That's right, Floyd and I will get to ride in the taxi TOGETHER! It will take us to a local hospital, where a doctor will administer PCR tests as one final check for COVID. Then the same quarantine taxi will take us back to the hotel for the rest of our stay (which has not been shortened, unfortunately, just because our field trip got moved up - Floyd asked!). I'm so excited, both to leave my quarantine tomorrow and to see my husband face to face! Maybe we can even (gasp!) hold hands in the taxi!

Here are today's meals.

Breakfast was different again today - still no greens, and no hard-boiled egg, either! Hooray! Sweet potatoes, chicken nuggets, a fried egg, and rolls with sweetened red bean paste inside. Normally I'm not a fan of sweet red beans, but in this case, it worked. Oh, and lemon tea.
Lunch: a folded slab of pork on rice, soft squash, bok choi, a different kind of (breaded) pork slab on a different kind of green, slightly sweet fish paste in the middle, and white gourd tea.
Today's dinner was one of my favorites so far! It was sort of like a stew, but with only the tiniest bit of broth, just enough to make everything juicy and moist. There was a layer of rice at the bottom, topped my mushrooms, greens, and other veggies, plus a bit of seafood, I guess? (I don't actually remember.) In any case, it was delicious. This was one of the few times I've eaten everything they served in a meal here (well, everything except the asparagus juice).

Now I'm watching Taiwan play China in men's badminton for the gold! See you tomorrow! GO, TAIWAN!!!

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2 Replies to “Taiwan Quarantine, Day 11”


Are these drinks really “Tea” anything? Or they are just drinks with some flavor to them like white gourd? Congratulations on your field trip, I hope you and Floyd enjoy it! Maybe you can even attempt and escape! That would make an exciting blog.

Annie Douglass Lima

Some of the drinks contain actual tea, though not all. The word “tea” is sometimes used here the way we would use “juice”. And considering the thousands of dollars in fines that would be involved, I have no desire to attempt a field trip escape! Besides, I only have three more days to go. I’ve survived this long!


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