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Impressions upon Returning to America from Taiwan

We're back in California for the summer! Here are some of the things that have stood out to Floyd and me in the last few days since we've returned to the States:

Wow, everything is so much more expensive than it was last summer. The price of gas is horrifying!

Look at all the sidewalks everywhere! Why aren't there cars parked all over them?

There's so much sky visible (because all the buildings are so short)!

It's so quiet here. Sometimes at night we can't hear a single sound.  Where are all the singing trash trucks and screeching birds?

Speaking of trash trucks, they're all so quiet and boring. Why don't they play Beethoven's "Fur Elise"  and "The Maiden's Prayer" loudly enough to be heard for blocks away while everyone in the neighborhood comes running out with bags of trash?
Most of the streets have only cars on them. Where are all the motorized scooters and wandering dogs?

Speaking of dogs, all the ones we've seen here are naked! (See my post about Taiwanese dogs here.)

Speaking of cars, why are they so HUGE?

Why are there so few vegetables on the menus at restaurants?

So many people speak English. It's weird to understand what's being said around us all the time, and to actually be able to read all the billboards and street signs.

There are so many white-skinned people here!  When I catch a glimpse of one, I keep finding myself taking a closer look to see if I know them.

How does everyone manage without a 7-Eleven on every corner?

Where can we get REAL Chinese food????


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