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Myanmar/Vietnam Vacation: Mandalay City
Floyd and I enjoyed a wonderful vacation in Myanmar and Vietnam over Christmas break! Scroll to the bottom for links to blog posts about other parts of the trip. (Some links may not work until all the posts are live.)
Here are some of our memories from the couple of days we spent in the city of Mandalay in Myanmar.
I enjoyed a ride on the back of one of Mandalay's many bike taxis!
We had a simple but tasty dinner at this little restaurant. They don't have many choices on the menu, but the "twist potato" with sausage in the middle was really good! (I recommend it with ketchup.)
We went for a LONG walk in Mandalay one afternoon/evening. (I think Floyd estimated we went something like 65 city blocks?) We had hoped to visit Mandalay Palace, but it was getting toward evening and the complex was closed to guests, or at least to foreigners. So we strolled along a pathway that ran along the outside of the moat sort of thing.
It was beautiful to look at in the dusk!
Eventually (after dark) we ended up on Mandalay Hill, where there's a set of temple buildings so lit up with colored lights that we both thought they looked like something you'd find in Disneyland. But no, they're active centers of Buddhist worship.

We hired a taxi driver to take us to the top of the hill, where Su Taung Pyai, an especially famous gold-plated pagoda, looks down over the city.
Looking up at Su Taung Pai's dazzling dome.

Decorations in Su Taung Pyai's interior.
On our way back to our hotel in the evening, we passed through a night market in which a group of young people were playing a very interesting game. It was fun to watch! Can you figure out the rules?
Want to see more memories from our trip? Click on the links below!


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