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Vietnam Vacation: Seeing the Sights in Saigon
On my first day in Vietnam, I arranged through my hotel for a guide to take me around on a little motorbike tour of Saigon (also called Ho Chi Minh City).  Here are some of the buildings and sites that I saw.

The Reunification Palace.  The guard wouldn't let us in since it was about to close, so I took this picture through the fence.
Notre Dame Cathedral.  You can definitely see the French influence in the architecture (as well as the name!).
Another view of Notre Dame.
A little room inside the cathedral.
Inside Notre Dame Cathedral.  The fence was to separate tourist wanting to take pictures from worshippers there to pray or attend a service.
Another little room inside the cathedral.
The Saigon Post Office, right across from the cathedral, is another famous building in Ho Chi Minh.
As you can see, it really is a functioning post office.  It was quite busy inside.
This is the Saigon Opera House.  My friend and I were thinking of going to see a show there, but it didn't quite work out.  (Plus it was really expensive!)
A fountain right by the opera house.
A random neighborhood in Ho Chi Minh.
Downtown area.  The skyscraper you see has a helicopter landing pad.
Ho Chi Minh traffic.  Notice all the motorbikes.  We were told that Ho Chi Minh has ten million people - and six million motorbikes!
A barge on one of the many canals.

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