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Heavenfall: a Sci-Fi Novel You can Enter to Win!

This is a guest post from author TG Franklin.

2027 – Earth is in the path of a raging cosmic storm, and most people believe Hadrian’s energy web will protect the planet from the destruction of the wave.
Mary Sullivan doesn’t care. In her gut, she knows Hadrian is responsible for the death of her parents, and she knows with certainty he’s responsible for the side effects of the energy web.
Side effects she’s suffering from, and dead is dead, whether it’s from the wave or a brain blast.
With the wave only days away, Dex, the former leader of her brother’s mech gang & turncoat, has returned and is asking for her help. He reveals the truth about her parents, the truth about the energy web, and the truth about Hadrian. But can she trust him?
Read an excerpt here.
Read Corene, an outtake from Heavenfall, here.

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