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The Dwarf and the Twins: a Fairy Tale Retold

Thank you for having me on your blog. I am Katharina Gerlach, a German author with a Scottish “spare” family. Ever since I learned to read, I loved fantastical stories and especially fairy tales. When I started writing my first fairy tale retelling, I never thought it would grow into a series. But I was not surprised when my Muse (that's the personification of my creative side – yes, I am crazy) assaulted me with one idea after the next. 

So far, I've written variations on “Snow White and Rose Red” (Brothers Grimm, just released today under the title The Dwarf and the Twins), “The Beauty and the Beast” (Joseph Jacobs, due January 2015), and “Little Brother, Little Sister” (Grimm again, planned for April 2015). Currently, I'm working on “The House in the Wood” (Grimm). It is my mother's favorite fairy tale and quite unknown even in Germany.

The most interesting thing about this series was when my Muse insisted that after the first story, which is filled with traditional magic, the second book would have to be a steampunk novelette. When I began asking questions about that, I got the plot for the third book in the series. It seems that in my world magic is declining while steam engine technology is on the rise. The two don't seem to go together. The more I learn about this world, the more I long to write in it. The good thing is that there are as many tiny kingdoms (and a few bigger ones) as there are fairy tales to be re-told.

The Dwarf and the Twins eBook contains the retelling, a bonus short story, and the original story by the Brothers Grimm. It costs less than a cup of coffee in your local coffee shop. I sincerely hope you will like the book. 


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thank you for hosting me on your site.


You're welcome. It's my pleasure!


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