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New Book Release from Page Zaplendam: The Egyptian Elixir

Book Release: The Egyptian Elixir
What if you were an average person – perhaps slightly above average because you have your medical degree – and one day, someone kidnapped you and turned you into a vampire? Would you suddenly turn evil? Become a crazed animalistic brute? Or would you retain your free will and battle your demons and temptations if you could?
The Unofficial Chronicles of John Grissom is a book series created for the modern reader who wants their vampires relate-able, their relationships snarky and humorous, and their fiction historical and exciting.
Set in the Regency era, the time of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, The Unofficial Chronicles follows the life of John Grissom, a second son of middle class gentry, and a bacteriologist by profession. Having been infected with the disease of vampirism, but unable to tolerate the idea of consuming human blood, he relies on animal blood to satisfy his dark needs. And does his best to retain every ounce of humanity he possibly can.
He leads a lonely life until he stumbles on a vampiric conspiracy to overturn the monarchy with Napoleon’s help, and “rightfully” establish vampires with the power and prestige some think is their due. John, his beautiful new assistant Henrietta Isherwood, and his new friend, Gerhardt Van Helsing, the Prussian vampire hunter extraordinaire, aren’t about to let England become an enslaved state.
The trio’s fledgling beginnings as the Bow St. Odd Crimes Division (think a Regency version of the XFiles) are captured in Order of the Blood, a full length novel now available for FREE on (No, seriously, you should go check it out, because it is that good!)
Their next adventure, minus the intrepid Henrietta who convalesces in Ireland, is presented in Page Zaplendam’s newest release, The Egyptian Elixir.
 “loved, loved, loved it!” - ARC reviewer
What could possibly go wrong on a surveillance trip to Parliament? Apparently everything.
When John Grissom and Van Helsing find themselves witnesses to an assassination attempt on the Marquis of Wellesley, they discover London's most notorious purveyor of stolen goods at the bottom of it. But his ability to influence people is odd to say the least. The vampire and the hunter investigate, but the Egyptian elixir may prove the undoing of them both.
With shades of old world science and new world sensibilities, The Unofficial Chronicles of John Grissom present a gripping take on the vampire narrative and ultimately ask the question, what truly makes a monster?
This Regency gothic won’t leave you afraid of the dark, but it will leave you admiring the fortitude and determination of one who can overcome his murderous inclinations, and still maintain an outlook on life that is free of bitterness and full of hope.
Reviewers said of Order of the Blood:
“a truly enticing novel”
“an exciting tale with real substance”
 “Read like an episode of Penny Dreadful”
 “I can’t wait for sequels”
The Egyptian Elixiris available on for $1.99
Page Zaplendam is a longtime fan of science fiction everything, dystopian novels, folk lore, fairy tales, and Regency romance. She has been a contributor to several science fiction anthologies, owns an editing and freelance writing service, and occasionally blogs at An engaging and humorous entertainer, she loves doing live interviews, public speaking, and sharing about writing and marketing craft both on her blog and on 10 Minute Novelists, the Catholic Writer's Guild, and the Clean Indie Reads group. Interested parties may find her on twitter (@pagezaplendam), Facebook, or Goodreads, when she's not working on becoming the next bestseller or changing diapers… or the best at changing diapers.
If you're interested in discount and giveaway info, exclusive free fiction, and the occasional weird story, be sure to sign up for her newsletter, The Fantastical.


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Though not into vampire books myself at all, this does sound like an interesting premise. Thank you so much for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday on this week!Tina


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