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Spring Into Fantasy with a Huge eBook Giveaway!

We're at it again! This time 28 great Fantasy Authors have banded together to bring you an awesome prize. What prize? Maybe I should've said PRIZES! That's right, the winner of this giveaway gets a $50 certificate AND an ebook bundle of 28 wonderful flinch free fantasy novels. 

Why flinch free? We're all members of the Clean Indie Reads Site, which means while not all our books are for children, you won't find anything more graphic than a low PG-13 rating. So if you're a parent with active teen readers or just enjoy your fiction without a lot of graphic violence, sex, or language, this is a great giveaway for you to enter. 

Take a look at our community on Facebook: 

Join our Facebook event (May 6-7) to meet some of the authors and win even more prizes! 

Here's our website: 

 Also, did I mention these books are fantasy? That's right! Magical worlds, mythical creatures, and marvelous adventures, at your fingertips. You can enter using the Rafflecopter at the bottom.


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