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Unexpected Peril: a Fantasy Romance by Tianna Holley

Introducing the release of Unexpected Peril, the third book in the Alissia Roswell Series--a passionate fantasy romance without the guilt. Savage beasts kidnap Alissia Roswell as she is traveling to meet a separate group of Lamians than the ones that saved her life and physically changed her in the process—gifting her with many special abilities. Just when she was beginning to get accustomed to the bond she and Luke Harrison share, she awakes alone and trapped deep within an eerie bog to find she can no longer feel his presence or reach out to him with her mind.

Unexpected Peril, the third book in the Alissia Roswell Series, will take you to magical lands filled with strange and mysterious creatures. Will Alissia have a chance to adapt to her new life in this alternate reality, or will everything and everyone she has come to love be destroyed by an intense hatred for humanity?

The eBook version of Unexpected Metamorphosis, the first book in the series, is now FREE at all major online bookstores. Alissia Roswell worked hard to overcome her past, and she took immense pride in her independence. Just when she thought she was truly satisfied with her life, she wakes up to find herself in another reality. As she searches for answers, her body begins to change in mysterious ways, and for the first time in her life, she is forced to rely upon others. As everything spins out of her control and danger lurks around every corner, her heart begins to betray her, and her mind haunts her with memories of her past.

Join Alissia on her perilous quest full of adventure, magic, and romance as she travels the challenging road of finding one self, maybe even love along the way.
Her adventure continues in Unexpected Entrapment, the third book in the series.

Alissia Roswell is far, far from home, and she won’t be going back any time soon. After having been sucked through a wormhole, spat out half-dead in an alternate reality, and revived by Lamians—an ancient, magical people who trigger a profound metamorphosis in Alissia, giving her powers she never thought possible—Alissia becomes the subject of Alrik Durst’s manipulation. Alrik has already usurped power in the city of Pallen, and with Alissia’s arrival, he sees his opportunity to exploit the power of the Lamians to his bidding as well, driving the land ever closer to civil war. Held prisoner in the luxurious confines of the Eldership castle in Pallen, Alissia is forced to feign memory loss to protect herself and her friends while fending off the romantic overtures of Ian Durst—Alrik’s all-too-charming son. Will the loves of her life, Grady Bolair and Luke Harrison, be able to help her escape? When she finally chooses between the two—Grady, the statesman, or Luke, the assassin—will it rip her alliances to shreds, casting uncertainty on her future? Join Alissia as she learns to reign in her fiery personality, tries to accept her past, and struggles with the one thing that scares her most: vulnerability. Unexpected Entrapment: Alissia Roswell: Book Two will whisk you away to a world of mystical, menacing creatures and fantastic environs, where secrets abound and nothing is quite as it appears.

What people are saying about this series:
  *****Ok, I'm totally hooked! I can't wait for 'Unexpected Beginning'! Every time I think I know what is going to happen next, there's an unexpected twist that I have to adjust to. Alissia is a damaged but indomitable heroine with a lot of issues, grit and pure stubbornness. Her metamorphosis is more than purely physical as you continue thru the series, but she still remains true to herself. She is determined to forge her own path but fate keeps tossing her challenge after challenge. I would strongly encourage you to start at the first book and work your way through. This author is obviously one to keep an eye on...........

  *****Great imagery and attention to detail. I am looking forward to reading the rest of this series from an up-and-coming author.

  *****Loved this book! The author did a great job with the "unexpected." I found myself going from one emotion to the next. Excitement, frustration, joy, and ending with anxious anticipation of what will happen next in Alissia's adventures. Can't wait for book three.

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Tianna Holley lives outside of Atlanta with her husband and children and has always been an avid reader of fantasy novels. She began writing poetry and short stories in her youth but did not pursue her passion for writing until later in life.

Although her books tend to contain violence and romance, she considers herself a PG-13 author. Her novels do not contain curse words, and her sexual content is limited to heated kissing.
She enjoys talking to her readers and offers free Skype chats to book clubs that have read her writing.

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