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Awesome Illustrators: a Collection of Artistic Resources for Authors
Do you need interior illustrations for your book? What about pictures of your characters for your blog or social media? Or a map for that historical fiction, sci-fi, or fantasy novel? I've compiled a list of artists that have been personally recommended by authors I know. I'm sure you'll find some here who will meet your authorly needs! (Some may also be willing to design book covers as well, but if you're looking for a list specifically of book cover designers, click here.) Clicking on the illustrators' names or the pictures will take you to their websites, where you can see many more samples of their work.

Michael Adams

"Michael Adams is a free-lance illustrator, designer and a fine artist. He has illustrated numerous children’s books with traditional publishers and self-published authors and is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. His illustration subject matter and mediums vary from realistic to humorous and painted in watercolor and digitally."
from As Proud as a Peacock ... a book of similes by Michael Adams

"I consider it my job to make ideas come to life. So I generally blend several different mediums to make sure the author's project comes out perfectly. A lot of my work is done as a mix of watercolor and digital painting...that might be anything from a book cover, to a fantasy map as an interior illustration. Nothing is out of the question!"

"Lack of Focus" by TessaKay
"I do digital art made to look like natural mediums. I do a lot of pen and ink with watercolor coloring. Also rough texture paper cutouts."

a sampling of Raw Spoon's work in book illustrations, band posters, and other pieces

"When I have time to do freelance work, I create digital maps and floorplans for games and books. My main tool is the mapping software Campaign Cartographer, but I also use Photoshop and Illustrator as needed."

The World of Edyn from “Mythborn: Fate of the Sovereign” (Book 1 of the Mythborn Saga) by Vijay Lakshman

"If you are looking for warm and fuzzy illustrations brimming with love and set in magical worlds, then Polina Gortman is the one to help you. Polina renders her adorable creatures in watercolor and colored pencil."

An illustration from "Mommies and babies" illustration series
"Joanna Marie Art provides custom pen and ink drawings of maps and interior art for novels. Her illustrations are clean lines of varying thickness with an artsy and whimsical feel."
"Jenny", illustration for K.M. Weiland's Storming
"I'm an award winning illustrator that loves to explore all genres of art but I specialize in children's art. I do anything from chapter headers to fully illustrated books, even maps. I believe words and art together tell the best stories. Let's create one together."

Mikey Brooks Brings Life to Words with Art
“I create children's book illustrations using PhotoImpact. It allows for the application of many textures, metallics, colors, to 2 dimensional and raised shapes. They can be modified and reshaped into all kinds of people, animals, and objects, and incorporated with painted or photographic images.”

Karmada Arts
"A manga-styled (Japanese comics) artist, who specializes in traditional materials such as pencil, ink, and art markers. Also versed in watercolors as well as some digital art, and often is found working on comic projects or illustrative works."

Bright's Wanderings
"I love to create complete and polished maps for people. You can send in the rough sketch for your book, or any place you're fond of, and I will turn it into a detailed piece of art. Materials: Pen and white paper for a digital copy and/or I can create a hard copy to send to you (for which I use thick paper I dye with coffee and tea)."
"I enjoy doing children book illustrations, cartooning, pet portraits, and animation. I am currently developing my own children book series and comics."
cover for To Swim with Dolphins

Mythspinner Studios
"I’m a fan of science fiction, space opera, dystopian fiction, fantasy (light and dark), steampunk, dieselpunk, atompunk, cozy mysteries, well-written ghost-stories, and all things mythological. My eclectic tastes reflect not only in my work but play a role in deciding what commissions I take."

Cold Night on the Mountain

Authors, can you recommend any other artists you know who do maps or illustrations for books? Feel free to mention them in the comments, and be sure to include a link to their site!


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