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Taiwan Quarantine, Day 5

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Today was another really good day! I "went" to the online service for my church, House of Blessing. The whole thing was really good, but the most meaningful part to me was the song "Here Again". (This link is to a different but also excellent version, in case you just want to listen to the song without searching through the whole church service for it.) I'd heard and sung it many times, but the lyrics were never so meaningful as they were to me today, shut in a room away from everyone and everything as I am:

I'm not enough/Unless you come./Will you meet me here again?/'Cause all I want Is all you are./Will you meet me here again?/Not for a minute/Was I forsaken./The Lord is in this place./The Lord is in this place./Come, Holy Spirit,/Dry bones awaken./The Lord is in this place./The Lord is in this place.

Later I finished up some other tasks on my to-do list and finally had time for something I'd wanted to do since I arrived: working on my new series (working title: The Wolves of Cedar Crossing - yes, it's about werewolves!). That is, I didn't actually start drafting the series yet, but I read back through some of the many ideas about characters and plot that I'd brainstormed a while back and organized them more logically. Now I have a better idea of what needs to happen in book one. I hope to work on it a little every day for the rest of my quarantine and hopefully actually start drafting some scenes before I leave.

Here are today's meals:

Breakfast: the usual hard-boiled egg and greens, plus chicken nuggets and a couple of rolls. One of the rolls had a sweet red bean filling. And don't forget the "mixed fruits and vegetables juice drink" (I could taste the veggies as well as the fruits)!
Lunch (clockwise from top left): bitter melon (I think - it was bitter and in the plant family, anyway), greens (surprise, surprise), scrambled eggs with raw green onions, pork, a seasoned chicken leg on rice, and a piece of steamed pumpkin in the middle. I think the pumpkin was my favorite, if only because it was the first time it had shown up in any of my quarantine meals. Let's just say that barley tea never makes my list of favorites.
Dinner (clockwise from top left): greens (bet you're surprised!), stewed pork with carrots and broccoli, some sort of spring rolls on rice, green beans, and I have no idea what that was in the middle. It was soft and ginger-flavored. The spring rolls were really good, and so was the broccoli - tender and very flavorful. I wouldn't have minded a second helping of that.

I settled down to dinner with my Kindle, but after reading for a few minutes, I decided that God's art gallery outside was much more interesting than the book. The sky kept changing as clouds drifted across the setting sun, turning gold at the edges as the sky turned orange. The picture doesn't really show how awesome it was, so you'll have to take my word for it!

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Werewolves is certainly a new theme for you. We look forward to understanding more of your story line and maybe reasons for choosing that theme.


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