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Taiwan Quarantine, Day 6

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Today was both good and bad. I enjoyed the chance to participate in an online Zumba class with some friends. That was followed by two separate enjoyable conversations with fellow authors who are just starting out on their careers and needed some help with the publishing process. (Shameless plug: take a look at the services I offer authors here.) But after that I had a headache and felt really stiff and uncomfortable from sitting so long (about four hours altogether!). Normally, I'm really good about getting up and taking stretch breaks. I have an app that reminds me to do it every ten minutes, so then I get up and walk from the door to the window (nine steps), turn the corner around the bed, and walk to the wall beside the little table (three steps), then back to the door again, for a total of 24 steps round-trip. I normally do this five times in a row before I sit back down at my computer again. As you can probably imagine, there was a very noticeable difference in my overall sense of physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing after skipping most of my regular walking for four hours! I did feel better after some Dance Dance Revolution, a shower, and a banana.

Well, here are today's meals. I have to confess that it's gotten to the point where, as soon as I open the containers, I inevitably sigh and say, "Oh, it's you again."

Breakfast: a glutinous blob with meat inside, French fries with ketchup, amazingly flavorless sausages, and - surprise, surprise! - a hard-boiled egg and green leafy veggies. With green tea.
Lunch: some kind of deep-fried patty (Floyd says he thinks it involved shrimp) on greens, pork with black pepper and onions over rice (that was actually my favorite of our at-least-twice-daily pork dishes so far - it was really flavorful!), sour bamboo shoots (no thanks), soft squash with carrot (also flavorful), and cabbage with (my favorite!) tofu skins. (I'm not being sarcastic - I love tofu skins! They're so fun and nubbly!) And asparagus juice ... also a no thanks.
Dinner: yet more green leafy veggies, cabbage with sausage slices, chicken leg over rice, stir-fried celery with bits of carrot and I'm not sure what else, and some eggplant that was quite delicious once I added a little salt. (I really enjoy eggplant - I wish they could substitute that for the greens at least one meal a day!)

I'll close with one final picture for the day - not of the sunset this time. This is the label on the outside of the door of my cell, er, hotel room. When I open the door to pick up my meals from the chair outside, or to set my daily bag of trash out, I see notes like this on all the doors up and down the hallway. They are the constant reminders of the dates each prisoner, er, guest, came in and will be allowed to come out. And yes, it's technically a little more than two weeks, since we're required to stay for fourteen FULL days. The partial day when we arrived doesn't count; neither does the few hours after midnight that we'll probably stay on the final partial day. (I do know some fellow quarantinees who are planning to leave at 12:01 a.m. on the day their sentence, er, stay is up, but I imagine Floyd and I will stay for the rest of the night, since we have to pay for it anyway, and check out the next morning.)

Six days down.

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2 Replies to “Taiwan Quarantine, Day 6”


I think by now if I were you I’d be starting to see glutinous blobs in my nightmares.

Annie Douglass Lima



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