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Taiwan Quarantine, Day 7

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Something amazing happened today. For the first time in a week, I made direct contact with a Real Live Human Being! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I can confirm that the fabled species really does exist. I opened the door of my room to pick up my lunch, and lo and behold, a Real Live Human Being was out there! He was only about twenty feet away when I spotted him, placing food outside another door down the hall. He was dressed in a hospital gown, gloves, and a mask, because what else would someone wear when walking past the closed doors of people who might be bringing COVID-19 into the country, even though they've all had at least two negative COVID tests in order to get there? Anyway, he saw me, probably gaping at him like an idiot from my doorway (good thing I was wearing my mask). Almost to my surprise, he didn't turn to flee. In fact, he actually said hello! And I found my voice and said hello back, and I thanked him for lunch, and he said you're welcome! (All in Chinese.) And as he turned to go, I shut myself back in my room feeling moved and grateful that he was willing to make eye contact and communicate, instead of shying away and treating me like a walking, talking virus. Believe it or not, the encounter actually brought tears to my eyes. (Hey, if you think I'm pathetic, you try spending a week without any direct contact with a single Real Live Human Being!)

This morning I did a little surgery on my slippers. The hotel had provided three pairs of disposable slippers in the room, and all of them are now completely worn out. But fortunately I have some useful mending supplies with me!

I was reminded today of how much God has blessed me here. The song "Count Your Blessings" made it into my short but growing quarantine playlist. The picture below shows a collection of some of the items he has used to bless me in this room. Most were gifts from family or that friends sent over in care packages, or items they gathered from my apartment for me. I have it so good here - I really can't complain! (Even though I still sometimes do.)

I'm so grateful for the eleven blessings represented here!

Anyway, here are today's meals. Guess what? There was a real winner today! (I mean that literally, not sarcastically!)

Breakfast. I opened the boxes and thought, "Wow, this looks familiar." The egg went into my little fridge along with the one from yesterday. I can only eat hard-boiled eggs so many days in a row!
This time I got a close-up picture of the swirly thing. Trust me, it wasn't as exciting as it looks! I believe the ingredients were glutinous rice flour, water, and food coloring. If there was anything else involved, I couldn't taste it. Actually, I really couldn't taste much of anything in the one bite I took.
Lunch. To be honest, my first impression when I saw the pork patty on the rice was that it looked as though a cow had passed that way and left something behind. But it ended up being tender and flavorful! As you can see, there were also the usual greens, a sour bamboo shoot dish that was surprisingly tasty, some whole shrimp on cabbage, and in the center, cooked cucumbers with pork pieces. I believe the boxed drink is oolong tea. (It joined my collection of unwanted boxed drinks that I'll bring back with me when I leave to offer to anyone who wants them. If you live at Morrison, YOU could be the lucky recipient of many boxes of oolong tea, barley tea, green tea, and asparagus juice!!)
Dinner: pork carnitas enchiladas! Oh my goodness, was this EVER delicious!! Wait, you say, that doesn't look like one of those quarantine hotel meals. Well, it wasn't! Floyd and I decided to celebrate making it halfway through our #luxuryincarceration by ordering from Uber Eats. This is from the wonderful Aztec Mexican Restaurant conveniently located not far from our hotel.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. We are officially halfway through our quarantine! Sometimes I can hardly believe we've been here only a week. But knowing that we've made it to the halfway point makes the rest of it seem more doable. I've survived this long. With God's help, this long again won't be too bad. But boy am I looking forward to going home sweet home!

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2 Replies to “Taiwan Quarantine, Day 7”


Oh come on Annie. You’re pretending about that spiral chocolate swirl cake just so we won’t be jealous!

Annie Douglass Lima

Don’t be fooled by the impostor pretending to brighten up my breakfast as a chocolate swirl cake! I can guarantee the only way that guy has ever come into contact with chocolate is in its dreams!


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