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Taiwan Quarantine, Day 8

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Today I got to enjoy video calls with a total of six different friends and family members (some of them together on one call). It was awesome to connect with so many special people! And another blessing that came later was that I received another care package today. Yippee! One thing I have learned is that the little things can be big blessings in quarantine!

Items from home that I'd specifically requested: my khanga, house shoes to replace the duct-taped hotel slippers, a bottle of drinkable yogurt (YUM!!), and non-disposable chopsticks so I don't have to keep thinking of how I'm harming the environment going through three pairs of disposable ones a day.
Delicious treats: my neighbor sent me a fresh mango smoothie and some Korean kimbap! They arrived at my door about 15 minutes before dinner. Needless to say, I didn't have much appetite for dinner!

Okay, now for today's meals. Not many surprises there, unfortunately ... except with breakfast!

Breakfast: the usual stir-fried bok choi and hard-boiled egg, plus fingers of meat that couldn't make up their minds if they were trying to be hot dogs or sausages (but failed at both and somehow left all flavor behind in the process), plus chicken nuggets and apple juice. And an interesting something-or-other that I can't remember the name for. See the picture below.
When I unwound the banana-leaf wrapping, there was a tasty little squashed pyramid of fried rice with mushrooms, pork, and a few other miscellaneous foodly things inside. Floyd didn't care for his (we ate breakfast "together" on a video call, as usual), but it was my favorite hotel meal item in the last few days, mostly because it was something NEW!
Lunch: ground pork on rice, chicken on stir-fried green pepper strips, the ever-present bok choi, and the frequently recurring soft squash. I believe the item in the center was squid with stir-fried celery, and the drink is lemon tea.
Dinner. It was a pity I wasn't hungrier, since I like the hotel's curry! I mixed the greens in with the curry and rice, which made them a lot better, but the deep-fried breaded pork slab and chunks of tofu were easy to pass up.

Well, one more day is just about over. Eight down, six to go! It's all downhill now that I've passed the halfway point, right? Right??

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