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Taiwan Quarantine, Day 9

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Today was a pretty uneventful day. There isn't much new to talk about, so here's a picture of my evening tradition.

Long before we left California, Floyd bought me this special package of coffee nut M&Ms as a quarantine treat. I was very disciplined and did not open the package early! Once we got here and I unpacked my luggage in my room, I put it in the little fridge. Every evening in between dinner and bed-time, I take it out and empty eight M&Ms onto a tissue on the little table where I eat my meals. (I checked the serving size and number of servings on the package and did the math. That's how many I get per day in order to have the same amount each day of my quarantine.) Then, as I'm working on my daily blog post or other things, every time I get up for a stretch break, I walk over and eat an M&M. I almost always have them one at a time, drawing out my dessert over the course of the evening. Today, though, I actually combined them with a little package of mixed nuts, seeds, and raisins that I had, and I must say, it made quite a delicious trail mix!

Anyway, on to my meals. As you can see, breakfast involved a surprise again today!

Breakfast: a fried egg (oh my goodness! Not hard-boiled?! I could hardly believe it!), along with salad, French fries, and turnip cake with sauce, and barley tea. It hardly seemed like breakfast without any stir-fried bok choi (ha!), but since there was lettuce, I can still say we've had green leafy vegetables for every single meal so far.
Lunch: soft squash, bok choi (they had to make up for not serving it to us at breakfast, obviously!), chicken on a bed of green onions and tofu strips, spring rolls over rice (YUMMY!), and I believe those little thingamajigs in the center were made of deep-fried slightly sweet fish paste (you think I'm kidding!).
Dinner: fried noodles with bits of pork (it's only the second time we haven't had rice for a lunch or dinner) with very very fibrous greens (the kind you keep chewing and chewing and chewing ...), along with a separate slab of breaded deep-fried pork and bitter melon (the bumpy things). I believe the item in the other dish was squash blossom soup.

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2 Replies to “Taiwan Quarantine, Day 9”


The words “Deep fried” keep coming up in your meal descriptions. Do you have a scale with you to keep track of whether you’re going up or down? Good thing you are exercising.

Annie Douglass Lima

No, the hotel room didn’t come equipped with a scale. I’m a little nervous to check when I get home! But I do what I can here in terms of exercise, and I don’t eat everything that comes in the meals. Usually I skip the deep-fried breaded items.


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