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Child of Prophecy: a Fantasy Novel by T.E. Bradford

About the Book

One misfit. One prophecy. Two worlds. Being different is bad until you find out it's the only thing that might save you.
How far would you go to fit in? Another world?
Fifteen-year-old Nova Hawthorne has a unique trait that sets her apart, yet she wants nothing more than to be normal and fit in.
She soon finds out that there’s a very real reason why she feels so out of place in this world—she’s from another one. And prophecy says she is destined to destroy them both.
Armed only with a magic she does not yet understand and the synesthesia no one else does, she must race to figure out how to stop prophecy from unfolding, find a father she’s never met and discover who she really is. Is it truly our differences that make us who we are? How can you be strong when you’re broken? And what happens when your actions bring about the very destruction you’ve been fighting to prevent?

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About the Author

Tracy is a writer, singer-songwriter, cancer survivor and proud wife and mother. Born and raised in Central New York, she will tell you that her parents gave her the two best tools in her arsenal by reading to her and raising her in a Christian household. In spite of the long Central NY winters she continues to live there with the husband that God created just for her, and the son who is her forever best story. In her heart, she feels that her gift of writing is a little piece of magic, and that it is both her privilege and grandest adventure to find new ways to stretch a hand out to touch the wonder of this vast universe God created.


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“The only reason she came here was because she thought everyone else would be in danger. Her mom, her grandpa … me …” He took a deep breath. “She’s got more guts than most people I know. She just doesn’t know it yet.”

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