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New Book Release in Seventh Dimension Series by Christian fantasy author Lorilyn Roberts (with a Free Book!)

Today I welcome fantasy author Lorilyn Roberts to my blog for an interview. Make sure you check out her books - the first one is FREE, and the latest one is on sale right now for just 99 cents. They would make great Christmas presents!

Do you only write or do you have another full-time profession?

I have a full-time profession providing closed caption for television. I worked as a court reporter for twenty years before I became a broadcast captioner. I have captioned many stations your readers have probably watched—Fox News, CNN, ESPN, Fox Sports, NBA, MLB, NHL, Golf, QVC, and dozens of local news channels in the United States. I’ve also captioned tons of sports, particularly soccer, from all over the world—Australia, Europe, New Zealand, and South America, as well as the Olympics.
Where do you like to write?
I write in my chair with my back to my desk with my legs propped up on my bed. I make that distinction because when I’m captioning, I face my desk. When writing stories, I deliberately turn away from my desk, turn on Pandora, and whisk myself to other worlds.
Is writing everything you thought it would be?
That’s a difficult question to answer. It’s not what I thought it would be, but I think it’s better. I don’t submit my work to publishers. I’m strictly Indy. At first, many years ago, the only way was the traditional route, submitting and being rejected. That didn’t work for me. Now that that’s no longer required, I love it. Instead of submitting articles, I write on my blog. I write books and can market them the way I want. I find that very freeing and challenging.
I love being in the “driver’s seat.” I’ve made mistakes and learned from them. Since I have a full-time job, I don’t have the stress of meeting publisher deadlines. I write when I can and trust God to help me carve out the hours to finish whatever I start. It’s in the process of working out our calling that we are refined and shown to be who we are. I’ve come to realize, this is my passion. I don’t write for money, prestige, or fame. I write because that’s the way God made me. And because I write for an audience of one, my books must be the absolute best that I can make them.  So is it everything I thought it would be?  It’s more.
Who is/was your favorite character to write about?
Shale Snyder, one of the two protagonists in the Seventh Dimension Series. In many ways, she’s like me, although not in every way. But in some ways, her life journey mirrors mine.
Who was your last book boyfriend/girlfriend?
Many years ago I read The Exodus by Leon Uris, and there was a male protagonist in that book that I fell in love with. After all these years, that character is the one that comes to mind.
Do you like warm or cold days?
Warm days. I live in Florida—so I hate cold weather. I also love to swim and have scuba dove all over the world—including Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and the Red Sea in Eilat, Israel.
Tea, coffee or rum?
My favorite is a Starbucks latte, extra hot. I’ve been longing for one all day. Your question has prompted me to get one as soon as I finish your interview.

Do you like scary movies/stories?
If they end well and don’t have blood.
Do you write in one sitting or in bursts?
I tend to write in bursts. Finding the time is always, always difficult.
Thank you for hosting me on your blog. Be sure and let your readers know they can pick up the first ebook in the Seventh Dimension Series, The Door, for free at their favorite book website. My new book The Prescience will be 99c until Christmas, so I am encouraging readers to pick it up now while it’s on sale and read books one through four first. The story builds on each book, so it’s best to read the Seventh Dimension Series in order. To learn more about The Prescience, visit

The first book in the series, The Door, is free. Click here to get your copy! I recommend people read the series in order. Pick up The Prescience while it's on sale, though!


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Annie, thank you for hosting me. The first book in the series, The Door, is free on Amazon. They can go to my landing page at to learn more about that one.


This series looks like one I would really enjoy! Thanks for sharing at Booknificent Thursday on! Tweeted!Tina


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