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Taiwan Quarantine, Day 1

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I woke up this morning feeling joyful and grateful, thinking of how much I have to be thankful for. Yes, I'm going to be stuck in this room for the next fortnight, but at least it's a pretty nice room! Want to see for yourself? Come take the tour!

I've wanted to learn to line dance for years. What better time than quarantine? This morning I learned the Cowboy Hustle! I have just enough space between the beds and desk in my hotel room to do it, as long as I skip the part where they keep turning around to face another direction. I plan to learn a new line dance each day I'm here. I'm so thankful for enough room to exercise, and for a fun variety of exercise options on Youtube!

Alas, the person in the room below mine apparently doesn't feel quite the same way. Midway through my second exercise session of the day, the room phone rang. It was a lady from the front desk, asking if I could please exercise more quietly. Whoops.

A doorbell I didn't know I had rang this morning. When I put on my mask and peeked out, lo and behold, a care package was waiting for me! What a delightful surprise to find these treats from some of my colleagues at Morrison Academy! (They had to leave the bag at the front desk, and a worker in a mask, gloves, and hospital gown brought it up and left it outside my room, then hurried away to safety as soon as he rang my bell.)

Opening the package brought tears to my eyes. It's so nice to be loved and cared for, especially when you're alone!
A closeup of the cookies in the care package!

In the late morning, I got a call on the room phone here in my hotel. "Hello, this is the front desk. The police are on the phone and would like to talk to you." Fortunately, I knew what it was about, otherwise I might have been quite alarmed! It was just Olivia, my friendly neighborhood quarantine officer, trying to get ahold of me since we'd gotten cut off on our previous call on my new cellphone. She reminded me to keep track of my health and be ready to fill in the details when I get a text message tomorrow (and every day from then on, I think?), and that she would call me every two or three days to check in.

This evening there was a gorgeous sunset. My pictures don't really do it justice, but they'll give you a little hint of God's artwork outside my window.

I thought this looked pretty awesome ...
... until it got a little darker and more clouds rolled in, and the view turned to this!

It's almost time for bed now. First, pictures of today's meals:

Breakfast: a turnip cake with sauce, hashbrowns with ketchup, greens, sausages remarkable for their total absence of any sort of flavor, a hard-boiled egg, and mixed fruit and veggie juice.
Lunch: greens, cabbage, tofu, fatty but flavorful porky things on rice, a chicken wing, more of that soft squash, fishballs (I think), and barley tea.
Dinner: greens, tofu, asparagus stems with a piece of chicken, bitter melon, a different kind of fatty porky thing on rice, and clear soup with no discernable ingredients or taste.

As I end my day, my sports watch tells me I've walked (well, and it's probably including my line dancing) a total of 10,016 steps today. I feel accomplished! Don't be too impressed, though - today was about three days long!

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