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Taiwan Quarantine, Day 2

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The highlight of my day today was being able to do a fun new form of exercise! I had bought a very basic version of Dance Dance Revolution long ago but hadn't seen or thought of it for years. Then this summer I rediscovered it up in the closet in my grandparents' house. Since the dance pad plugs directly into a TV, with no other equipment required, I thought it would be a perfect quarantine activity that I could do in my hotel room. So we brought it along, along with spare batteries, even though it's a little on the heavy side and we had limited space and weight to spare in our luggage. When we first arrived in the hotel, however, it looked as though it wasn't going to work right with the TV in my room. So Floyd went online and ordered something from PCHome that would help it connect. The something arrived and got delivered to my room today, and after a lot of fiddling and some tech support from Floyd over a video call, we discovered to my disappointment that it didn't work. And THEN we discovered that the dance pad could connect to the TV the way it needed to after all, with no external help required! I was delighted, and spent the next hour dancing away! I'm really excited to know that I have DDR to look forward to every day now for the rest of my quarantine! (Hey, when you're locked in a room alone for two weeks, you have to find excitement where you can!)

Here are today's meals:

Breakfast: slightly sweet rolls with a red bean filling, hard-boiled egg, chicken nuggets with ketchup, and green salad, plus strawberry milk tea.
Lunch, clockwise from top left: greens, a chicken leg sitting on little pork strips mixed with something that looked like bits of onion but wasn't, breaded pork slab on rice, something very moist and squishy that I'm pretty sure was in the vegetable family (only because it didn't taste meaty and was definitely not mineral). The item in the middle involved a different kind of greens and something else unidentifiable but spicy. I stuck the boxed drink in the fridge without opening it. Maybe I'll try it at some point if I'm desperate for a change from water.
Dinner: a deep-fried, breaded something-or-other that I thought at first was pork but wasn't. It involved a slightly sweet paste that I believe may have been some sort of seafood in a past life. Also squash, an egg (not sure why it was that color - that's the white you see, not the shell) and fried noodles. And clear soup with what I assumed were fishballs but weren't. Perhaps some distant relative of the dumpling? (That is, Western dumplings, not the Chinese kind.)

There's a typhoon moving in at the moment. It's been raining on and off all day, interspersed with blue skies overhead but fast-moving dark clouds traveling south just above the horizon. My window panes have occasionally rattled in the wind, and when I stand near the door, I hear the wind whistling through some window that must have been left ajar somewhere down the hall. I wonder what it will be like in the next couple of days to watch a typhoon hit the city from the 22nd floor.

I'll close with this photo I took out my window this evening of the storm closing in on the city at dusk.

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I remember dance dance revolution I had one about 10 years ago. It was fun as long as it lasted which wasn’t quite long enough.


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